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Methodology of interactive keys and descriptive databases

10 September 2016

M.J. Dallwitz

Automated taxonomic descriptions (Watson et al. 1988)

Comparison of formats for descriptive data

Comparison of interactive identification programs

Comparison of matrix-based taxonomic identification systems with rule-based systems (Dallwitz 1992)

Comparison of the main screens of Intkey and Lucid

Critique of Dallwitz’s ‘Comparison of interactive identification programs’

Data requirements for natural-language descriptions and identification

DELTA and Intkey (Dallwitz 1993)

DELTA Standard

Desirable attributes for interactive identification programs

Effectiveness of identification methods – references

Flexible clustering method based on UPGMA and ISS

General system for coding taxonomic descriptions (Dallwitz 1980)

Guidelines for using data taken from Web publications

Interactive identification using the Internet

Introduction to computer images

Multi-purpose descriptive databases

Principles of interactive keys

Programs for interactive identification and information retrieval

Proposed new features for the DELTA System

DELTA-L mailing list

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