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Programs for interactive identification and information retrieval

1 September 2011

M. J. Dallwitz

Please contact the author if you have corrections, or information about other programs that should be included. The criteria for inclusion are:

  1. The program should be a true interactive-key program, as defined by Dallwitz et al. (2000) – that is, a multi-access key implemented on a computer.
  2. The program should be a general one, capable of using different data files – that is, the data should not be embedded in the program.

Programs based on DELTA data files

ActKey. Free. WWW. Hong Song.

DAP – ‘Delta Access Perl’. Free. WWW. Axel Findling.

DAWI – ‘Delta Access Web Interface’. Free. WWW. Axel Findling.

Intkey. Free. Windows. Mike Dallwitz, Toni Paine, and Eric Zurcher.

NaviKey. Free. WWW (Java). Dieter Neubacher and Gerhard Rambold. V3. Dan McGillicuddy. V2.3. Michael Bartley and Noel Cross (Internet Archive:

ONLINE (PANKEY). Commercial. MS-DOS. Richard Pankhurst.

PollyClave. Free. WWW. Andrew Pavacic and Tim Dickinson.

SIIMM – ‘Serveur d’Identification Interactive MultiMedia’. Free. WWW (Java). Pierre Goujon.

Other programs

20q. Free. WWW. John Pickering.

3I. Free. WWW. Dmitry Dmitriev.

ASKATAXA. Free. MS-DOS. Fred Rhoades. No longer supported.

CABIKEY. Commercial. MS-DOS, Windows. Ian White. No longer supported. Internet Archive: (Jan 16, 2003).

DET. Free. Windows. Audrius Meskauskas.

Encino. Free. WWW. Kevin Nixon and Jan De Laet.

FLORA. Free. Windows. Hans ter Steege.

Gencomex. Commercial. Windows. Asociación de Biólogos Amigos de la Computación.

IdentifyIt (Linnaeus II). Commercial, but free if you register as an ETI partner. Macintosh, Windows. ETI.

Lucid2. Commercial. Windows. Centre for Biological Information Technology, University of Queensland.

Lucid3. Commercial. Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Solaris, WWW, WWW (Java). Centre for Biological Information Technology, University of Queensland.

Lysandra. Commercial. Windows.

MEKA. Free. Windows. Christopher Meacham.

PalmKey. Free. PalmOS. Cam Webb.

PHPKey. Free. WWW. Magnus Lindh.

PICKEY, BIKEY. Commercial. Windows. A. L. Lobanov and M. B. Dianov.

PLATO. Commercial. Windows. Elizabeth Dauncey.

POLLY. Commercial. Windows. Trevor Whiffin.

SLIKS. Free. WWW. Gerald (Stinger) Guala.

TAXIS. Commercial (free for students). Windows. Evgeniy Meyke.

TAXY. Free. Macintosh, MS-DOS, Sun SPARC, SGI IRIX. Nathan Wilson.

Visual Key. Free. WWW. B. OConnor and P. Klimov

X:ID. Free. WWW. David Remsen and Patrick Leary.

XID. Commercial. Windows. Richard Old.

XPER. Free. Jacques Lebbe and Régine Vignes-Lebbe.

Xper2. Java, WWW (Java). Free. Antoine Chalubert, Guillaume Dubus, Cyril Gallut, Benjamin Pavie, and Régine Vignes-Lebbe.

Programs no longer available

ARTEMIS. Free. WWW. Roland Keller and Benoit Carpentier. Internet Archive:

CompuKey. Commercial. MS-DOS. CompuKey Software Inc. Internet Archive:

DETGR-UK. Free. MS-DOS. Kees Ulje.

FAMEX. Commercial. MS-DOS. Asociación de Biólogos Amigos de la Computación. Internet Archive:

FLORA. Windows. Eirene Williams. Internet Archive:

Fuskey. Free. WWW. Keith Seifert.

KEY. Free. MS-DOS. Colin Legg.

Keyout. Free. Windows. J. Bayers.

PolyKey. Free. WWW. James Adaskaveg. Internet Archive:

SKEdit/SKBrowse/SynKey. Windows 3.0. Roland Senn. Internet Archive:

Further information

Dallwitz, M.J. 2000 onwards. A comparison of interactive identification programs.

Dallwitz, M.J. 2000 onwards. Comparison of the main screens of Intkey and Lucid.

Dallwitz, M.J., Paine, T.A. and Zurcher, E.J. 2000 onwards. Principles of interactive keys.

Dallwitz, M.J., Paine, T.A., and Zurcher, E.J. 2002 onwards. Interactive identification using the Internet.

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