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23 January 2011

M. J. Dallwitz

The DELTA Newsletter was intended to promote communication among scientists developing and applying computer technology in the collection, storage, analysis, and presentation of descriptive taxonomic data. It was not restricted to software or applications supporting or implementing the DELTA Standard.

Topics included: computer programs for taxonomy, data formats, data interchange standards, data capture, data analysis, database design, description printing, expert systems, information retrieval, interactive identification, key making, mapping systems and taxonomic characters.

Only Numbers 8–12 were available in electronic form. I scanned hard-copy versions of Numbers 1–7, processed them with OCR, reformatted them, made minor corrections, and saved them in HTML and PDF formats. The first two links for Numbers 1–7 access these versions. The third link (‘facsimile version’) accesses the scans; note that these are much larger than the reformatted versions. There may also be a fourth link, to a facsimile version of the list of subscribers.

Number 1, February 1988PDF versionFacsimile version (2MB)

The DELTA System, by Mike Dallwitz

The PANKEY programs, by Richard Pankhurst

Representation of extreme and normal values in DELTA, by Mike Dallwitz

Number 2, October 1988PDF versionFacsimile version (4MB) • List of subscribers (7MB)

Notes on DELTA and Confor, by Mike Dallwitz

Punctuation in natural-language descriptions

Coding of ‘large’ numeric values

Representation of accuracy by number of significant figures

Position of comments in attributes


Combining taxa

Lower-triangle output from DIST

Notes on INTKEY, by Mike Dallwitz

Notes on PANKEY, by Richard Pankhurst

Hercules graphics for ONLIN6

Data capture for DELTA

Development of ONLIN6

PANKEY versions for other computers (VAX, Macintosh, PRIME)

Corrections to interactive key construction (KCONI)


A new book on identification

Taxonomic research projects using DELTA

DELTA directory by country (a list of subscribers to the DELTA Newsletter)

Number 3, April 1989PDF versionFacsimile version (10MB) • Updates to list of subscribers (2MB)

Introduction to ALICE, by Bob Allkin

Comments on TAXACOM, by Richard Zander

Comments on ASKATAXA, by Fred Rhoades

Comments on TAXADAT, by Doyle E. Anderegg

Diagnostic descriptions from INTKEY and CONFOR, by Mike Dallwitz

Differences between PANKEY and CONFOR, by Richard Pankhurst

MACINTOSH versions of PANKEY programs, by Richard Pankhurst

Myths about DELTA, by Richard Pankhurst

Literature citations

Number 4, October 1989PDF versionFacsimile version (12MB)

ALICE and DELTA: where’s the link? by Bob Allkin

Introduction to XPER, by Jacques Lebbe and Regine Vignes

Comments on PANKEY, by R. Pankhurst

A description of the ASKATAXA interactive key program, by Fred Rhoades

Diagnostic descriptions for groups of taxa, by Mike Dallwitz

Application for DELTA software to studies on Australian grasses, by Bryan Simon

Software review – TAXADAT, by Richard Spjut

Programmer’s reply to review of TAXADAT, by Doyle Anderegg

Microcomputer Plant Identification (MPI) system, by Laurence Hatch

Computer software for botany, by Jan-Peter Frahm

Number 5, April 1990PDF versionFacsimile version (8MB)

ALICE: the taxonomic and nomenclatural core module, by Bob Allkin and Peter Winfield

Miscellaneous notes, by Mike Dallwitz

Character ranges in DELTA items

Implicit values in CONFOR

OS/2 versions of CONFOR and KEY

Data size limits

Data for grass genera available on TAXACOM

Computer hardware requirements

Microcomputer-assisted telephone identification of houseplants using ONLIN6, by Deborah Metsger

MPI System Upgrades for 1990, by Laurence Hatch

Miscellaneous notes, by Richard Pankhurst

Differences between PANKEY and CONFOR, revisited

Bug in MACINTOSH versions of PANKEY programs

DELTA editor Version 0.2

Progress of book

General purpose descriptors

PANDORA database for monographs and Floras

New versions of ONLINE identification program

Character analysis in DELTA

Number 6, October 1990PDF versionFacsimile version (3MB)

Distribution records and habitat data in ALICE databases, by Bob Allkin and Peter Winfield

Miscellaneous notes, by Richard Pankhurst

Crisis at the Natural History Museum, London

PANDORA; New version of ONLINE program

Improvements to DEDIT

ARTISYST workshop

Bug in MACINTOSH versions of PANKEY programs

Number 7, April 1991PDF versionFacsimile version (6MB)

Draft definition of the DELTA format, by Mike Dallwitz and Toni Paine

Miscellaneous notes

First DELTA workshop in Portugal

DELTA in Spanish

Number 8, April 1993 (PDF)


Personal profile: Dr Michael J. Dallwitz, by T.D. Macfarlane

Progress report on the CSIRO DELTA programs, by M.J. Dallwitz

Pankey notes, by R.J. Pankhurst

An introduction to computer images, by M.J. Dallwitz

DELTA MENU SYSTEM for Windows, by N.S. Lander

Utilities for DELTA data entry and taxon summary generation, by T.D. Macfarlane

Spotlight on DELTA features, by T.D. Macfarlane

Future meetings

Reports of meetings and workshops

W.A. Herbarium databases and the Inform project, by A.R. Chapman

A common directory for plant taxonomic databases, by N.S. Lander

Available working databases

Index to DELTA Newsletters 1–8

Number 9, October 1993 (PDF)


Preliminary suggestions for new features for the DELTA System, by M.J. Dallwitz, T.A. Paine and E.J. Zurcher

Comments on new features for the DELTA System, by R.J. Pankhurst

A reply to Richard Pankhurst's comments, by M.J. Dallwitz

Correspondence on DELTA enhancement proposals, by J.H. Kirkbride and M.J. Dallwitz

Some questions and notes on the new features, by E.J. Gouda

A reply to Eric Gouda's comments, by M.J. Dallwitz

Number 10, April 1994 (PDF)


Personal profile: Dr Richard J. Pankhurst

Intkey for Windows, by T.A. Paine

Pankey notes, by R.J. Pankhurst

Programs for handling large DELTA data sets, by W.D. Clayton

Hyperparasite, by D.L. Nickrent

Running DELTA on Apple Macintosh, by R. Cowan

Problems with image display under Intkey? by N.S. Lander

Data or concepts – what should we be coding? by H. White

Spotlight on DELTA features, by N.S. Lander

Reports of meetings and workshops, by T.D. Macfarlane, I. Askevold

Published applications of the DELTA System, by M.J. Dallwitz

Algal databases under development, by T. Entwisle and R. Cowan

Available working databases

Number 11, April 1995 (PDF)


Turning taxonomic data into information at Herbarium Bogoriense, by J. Jarvie

A DELTA database project for the plant genera of Western Australia, by T.D. Macfarlane

DELTA and Hyper-Text Markup Language, by A.R. Chapman, N.S. Lander, T.D. Macfarlane and M.J. Dallwitz

Practical DELTA problems and solutions: discussion from the DELTA Software Listserver (DELTA-L)

Suitability of DELTA for fruit/seed key; use on Macs

Troubleshooting DELTA programs; sending DELTA files by email

Advantages of using a separate subdirectory for each data set

Merging DELTA data sets

Combining DELTA items

Intkey packages for lichens; using the same characters at different taxonomic levels

Recording host ranges, etc., in DELTA

Regional subsets of taxa in Intkey

Intkey: direct access to characters that are illustrated

Hiding ‘inapplicable’ character states

Using DELTA to produce non-English descriptions and keys

Using Intkey over the Internet

DELTA and Pentium

Screen capture

Recent publications

Release of Intkey for Windows, by T.D. Macfarlane

Number 12, April 1996 (PDF)


Designing a graphical user interface for DELTA: some considerations, by M.J. Cavalcanti

DELTA data format and pottery classification, by M. Louhivuori

Recent enhancements of the DELTA programs, by M.J. Dallwitz

Using Intkey data files directly from the WWW, by M.J. Dallwitz

A possible future of DELTA tools for the Web, by M. Huben

TAXASOFT DELTA Editor, by E.J. Gouda

Institutional DELTA databases, by A.R. Chapman and M. Choo

DELTA in PANDORA, by R. Pankhurst and M. Pullan

The ALICE Database System: recent news, by R. Allkin

A Spanish and English DELTA Editor: EDEL 95, by E. Bello, A.G.-Valdecasas and J.R. Elvira

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