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Anastrepha and Toxotrypana:
descriptions, illustrations, and interactive keys


Allen L. Norrbom, Cheslavo A. Korytkowski, Roberto A. Zucchi, Keiko Uramoto, George L. Venable, Jerrett McCormick and Michael J. Dallwitz

Descriptions (taxonomic order)

Warning. This identification system is not fully completed. Some species have not been fully scored and cannot be eliminated in the identification process, and some characters and species have not been illustrated. Despite these limitations, we have made the system available because it has reached the stage where it functions for most species and there are no other comprehensive identification tools available for this economically important group of fruit flies. Users need to be aware of these limitations in using the system. See also Introduction and Hints on using the keys.

The descriptions of the species included in this system and listed below were generated from a data matrix in DELTA (Dallwitz 1980; Dallwitz, Paine, and Zurcher 1993) with the aid of Intkey (Dallwitz et al. 1993). You may click on a name to go to a description and images for that species. In the descriptions, attributes in bold are diagnostic. The descriptions and images are also available via the interactive keys.

benjamini group

Anastrepha atlantica Uramoto & Zucchi

Anastrepha benjamini Lima

Anastrepha connexa Lima

Anastrepha gigantea Stone

Anastrepha intermedia Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha magna Norrbom

Anastrepha neogigantea Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha sodalis Stone

Anastrepha superflua Stone

caudata group

Anastrepha brunnealata Norrbom & Caraballo

Anastrepha caudata Stone

Anastrepha hendeliana Lima

daciformis group

Anastrepha antilliensis Norrbom

Anastrepha aquila Norrbom

Anastrepha avispa Norrbom

Anastrepha bicolor (Stone)

Anastrepha castanea Norrbom

Anastrepha daciformis Bezzi

Anastrepha katiyari Norrbom

Anastrepha macrura Hendel

Anastrepha maculata Norrbom

Anastrepha murrayi Norrbom

Anastrepha pallens Coquillett

Anastrepha punensis Tigrero & Salas

Anastrepha stonei Steyskal

Anastrepha zucchii Norrbom

dentata group

Anastrepha acidusa (Walker)

Anastrepha dentata (Stone)

Anastrepha hamata (Loew) complex 1

Anastrepha hamata (Loew) complex 2

Anastrepha longicauda Lima

Anastrepha obscura Aldrich

Anastrepha paradentata Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha sagittata (Stone)

Anastrepha sagittata ? [Panama, South America]

Anastrepha sagittifera Zucchi

Anastrepha urichi Greene

Anastrepha zernyi Lima

doryphoros group

Anastrepha conflua Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha conjuncta Hendel

Anastrepha doryphoros Stone

Anastrepha freidbergi Norrbom

fraterculus group

Anastrepha acris Stone

Anastrepha amita Zucchi

Anastrepha ampliata Hernández-Ortiz

Anastrepha antunesi Lima

Anastrepha bahiensis Lima

Anastrepha canalis Stone

Anastrepha carreroi Canal

Anastrepha compressa Stone

Anastrepha coronilli Carrejo & González

Anastrepha distincta Greene

Anastrepha fischeri Lima

Anastrepha fraterculus (Wiedemann)

Anastrepha guianae Stone

Anastrepha inca Stone

Anastrepha irradiata Blanchard

Anastrepha irretita Stone

Anastrepha linharensis Uramoto & Zucchi

Anastrepha ludens (Loew)

Anastrepha macra Stone

Anastrepha manizaliensis Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha matertela Zucchi

Anastrepha minensis Lima

Anastrepha obliqua (Macquart)

Anastrepha perdita Stone

Anastrepha quiinae Lima

Anastrepha reichardti Zucchi

Anastrepha schultzi Blanchard

Anastrepha sororcula Zucchi

Anastrepha suspensa (Loew)

Anastrepha tenella Zucchi

Anastrepha turicai Blanchard

Anastrepha turpiniae Stone

Anastrepha zenildae Zucchi

Anastrepha zuelaniae Stone

grandis group

Anastrepha aberrans Norrbom

Anastrepha atrigona Hendel

Anastrepha bivittata (Macquart)

Anastrepha castilloi Norrbom

Anastrepha grandicarina Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha grandicula Norrbom

Anastrepha grandis (Macquart)

Anastrepha shannoni Stone

Anastrepha trivittata Norrbom & Korytkowski

hastata group

Anastrepha apicata Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha cocorae Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha hastata Stone

leptozona group

Anastrepha barnesi Aldrich

Anastrepha costalimai Autuori

Anastrepha elongata Fernandez

Anastrepha leptozona Hendel

Anastrepha sacha Tigrero

Anastrepha steyskali Korytkowski

mucronota group

Anastrepha aphelocentema Stone

Anastrepha atrox (Aldrich)

Anastrepha bezzii Lima

Anastrepha borgmeieri Lima

Anastrepha convoluta Stone

Anastrepha crebra Stone

Anastrepha debilis Stone

Anastrepha edentata Stone

Anastrepha elegans Blanchard

Anastrepha galbina Stone

Anastrepha greenei Lima

Anastrepha hadracantha Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha hambletoni Lima

Anastrepha haplacantha Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha hyperacantha Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha inaequalis Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha insulae Stone

Anastrepha integra (Loew)

Anastrepha kuhlmanni Lima

Anastrepha lanceola Stone

Anastrepha loewi Stone

Anastrepha macracantha Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha magnicurva Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha megacantha Zucchi

Anastrepha mikuymono Tigrero

Anastrepha minuta Stone

Anastrepha mucronota Stone

Anastrepha nolazcoae Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha parallela (Wiedemann)

Anastrepha protuberans Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha quararibeae Lima

Anastrepha scobinae Stone

Anastrepha similis Greene

Anastrepha sinuosa Canal

Anastrepha sinvali Zucchi

Anastrepha soroana Fernández & Rodríguez

Anastrepha stangei Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha submunda Lima

Anastrepha tubifera (Walker)

Anastrepha tumbalai Tigrero & Salas

Anastrepha undosa Stone

Anastrepha willei Korytkowski

Anastrepha woodi Norrbom & Korytkowski

panamensis group

Anastrepha margarita Caraballo

Anastrepha panamensis Greene

Anastrepha zeteki Greene

pseudoparallela group

Anastrepha amnis Stone

Anastrepha amnis ? [Trinidad]

Anastrepha anduzei Stone

Anastrepha asetaocelata Tigrero & Salas

Anastrepha chiclayae Greene

Anastrepha consobrina (Loew)

Anastrepha curitis Stone

Anastrepha dissimilis Stone

Anastrepha dryas Stone

Anastrepha ethalea (Walker)

Anastrepha glochin Uramoto & Zucchi

Anastrepha limae Stone

Anastrepha lutzi Lima

Anastrepha martinsi Uramoto & Zucchi

Anastrepha mburucuyae Blanchard

Anastrepha munda Schiner

Anastrepha pallida Norrbom

Anastrepha pallidipennis Greene

Anastrepha passiflorae Greene

Anastrepha pastranai Blanchard

Anastrepha pseudoparallela (Loew)

Anastrepha townsendi Greene

Anastrepha velezi Norrbom

Anastrepha xanthochaeta Hendel

punctata group

Anastrepha aczeli Blanchard

Anastrepha luederwaldti Lima

Anastrepha morvasi Uramoto & Zucchi

Anastrepha punctata Hendel

ramosa group

Anastrepha peneramosa Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha ramosa Stone

Anastrepha subramosa Stone

raveni group

Anastrepha levefasciata Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha raveni Norrbom & Korytkowski

robusta group, binodosa clade

Anastrepha binodosa Stone

Anastrepha miza Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha rojasi Norrbom & Korytkowski

robusta group, cryptostrepha clade

Anastrepha cordata Aldrich

Anastrepha cryptostrepha Hendel

Anastrepha cryptostrephoides Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha disticrux Norrbom & Korytkowski

robusta group, lambda clade

Anastrepha lambda Hendel

Anastrepha nigrivittata Norrbom & Korytkowski

robusta group, robusta clade

Anastrepha amaryllis Tigrero

Anastrepha fenestrata Lutz & Lima

Anastrepha fenestrella Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha furcata Lima [Panama]

Anastrepha furcata Lima

Anastrepha fuscata Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha isolata Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha jamaicensis Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha nigrifascia Stone

Anastrepha phaeoptera Lima

Anastrepha pittieri Caraballo

Anastrepha pseudorobusta Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha robusta Greene

Anastrepha simulans Zucchi

robusta group, speciosa clade

Anastrepha amazonensis Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha rafaeli Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha speciosa Stone

robusta group, not assigned to a clade

Anastrepha bella Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha concava Greene

Anastrepha nigra Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha partita Norrbom & Korytkowski

schausi group

Anastrepha fernandezi Caraballo female

Anastrepha fernandezi Caraballo male

Anastrepha fuscicauda Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha hermosa Norrbom

Anastrepha lutea Stone female

Anastrepha lutea Stone male

Anastrepha schausi Aldrich

serpentina group

Anastrepha anomala Stone

Anastrepha sp. nr. anomala 1 [Brazil, Maranhão]

Anastrepha sp. nr. anomala 2 [Brazil, Bahia]

Anastrepha anomoiae Norrbom

Anastrepha normalis Norrbom

Anastrepha ocresia (Walker)

Anastrepha pseudanomala Norrbom

Anastrepha pulchella Norrbom

Anastrepha pulchra Stone

Anastrepha serpentina (Wiedemann)

Anastrepha sp., serpentina group

Anastrepha woodleyi Norrbom & Korytkowski

spatulata group

Anastrepha alveata Stone

Anastrepha alveatoides Blanchard

Anastrepha distans Hendel

Anastrepha enkerlini Hernández-Ortiz

Anastrepha haywardi Blanchard

Anastrepha interrupta Stone

Anastrepha lopezi Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha manihoti Lima

Anastrepha montei Lima

Anastrepha nascimentoi Zucchi

Anastrepha nascimentoi [Guatemala]

Anastrepha pickeli Lima

Anastrepha spatulata Stone

Anastrepha tecta Zucchi

Anastrepha umbrosa Blanchard

striata group

Anastrepha bistrigata Bezzi

Anastrepha ornata Aldrich

Anastrepha striata Schiner

tripunctata group

Anastrepha maya Hernández-Ortiz

Anastrepha relicta Hernández-Ortiz

Anastrepha relicta (Puebla specimens)

Anastrepha tripunctata Wulp

Not assigned to a species group

Anastrepha acuminata Canal

Anastrepha anopla Norrbom & Korytkowski

Anastrepha barbiellinii Lima

Anastrepha barrettoi Zucchi

Anastrepha belenensis Zucchi

Anastrepha bondari Lima

Anastrepha buscki Stone

Anastrepha cruzi Lima

Anastrepha duckei Lima

Anastrepha flavipennis Greene

Anastrepha flavissima Hering

Anastrepha fractura Stone

Anastrepha hamadryas (Stone)

Anastrepha matogrossensis Norrbom & Uchôa

Anastrepha mixta Zucchi

Anastrepha nigripalpis Hendel

Anastrepha oiapoquensis Norrbom & Uchôa

Anastrepha pacifica Hernández-Ortiz

Anastrepha palae Stone

Anastrepha parishi Stone

Anastrepha repanda Blanchard

Anastrepha rheediae Stone

Anastrepha rolliniana Tigrero

Anastrepha rosilloi Blanchard

Anastrepha siculigera Norrbom & Uchôa

Anastrepha sylvicola Knab

Anastrepha teli Stone

Anastrepha teretis Stone

Anastrepha trimaculata Tigrero & Salas

Anastrepha tsachila Tigrero

Anastrepha tumida Stone

Anastrepha vermespinata Tigrero


Toxotrypana australis Blanchard

Toxotrypana curvicauda Gerstaecker

Toxotrypana littoralis Blanchard

Toxotrypana nigra Blanchard

Toxotrypana picciola Blanchard

Toxotrypana proseni Blanchard

Toxotrypana recurcauda Tigrero