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Printing files obtained from the DELTA Web site

8 October 2005

M. J. Dallwitz

Many of the HTML files at this site contain a link to a PDF version of the file. Depending on the contents of the file, and the capabilities of your Web browser, the PDF version may produce significantly better results when printed. The PDF files can be viewed and printed by means of the free Acrobat Reader.

The page size of the PDF files is 212x288mm, which is intermediate between the sizes of A4 and Letter paper. It should generally not be necessary to use the ‘Scale’ option in the ‘Print’ dialog of the Acrobat Reader. However, when printing on Letter paper from Acrobat Reader 5 (which is not the latest version), it may be necessary to use the ‘Auto rotate and center pages ’ option. If your printer has PCL and PostScript drivers, the PostScript driver may give better results, particularly with Acrobat Reader 5.

If you want to experiment with printing the PDF files, use this small test file.

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