Solanum species of eastern and northern Australia


A. R. Bean

Solanum lycopersicum var. cerasiforme

Habit. Sprawling or erect. Large stems prickles absent.

Branchlets. Branchlet prickles absent. Branchlet hairs simple. Branchlet stellae absent.

Leaves. Leaves pinnate (some or all lobes dissected to the midrib). Petioles prickles absent.

Upper leaf surface. Upper leaf surface prickles absent. Upper leaf surface stellate hairs absent, hair density absent from surface.

Lower leaf surface. Lower leaf surface prickles absent. Lower leaf surface stellate hair density absent.

Inflorescence. Inflorescence cymose (pseudo-racemose). Inflorescence with all flowers bisexual. Flowers 5-merous. Pedicels at anthesis prickles absent. Calyx prickles at anthesis absent. Calyx stellae absent. Corolla yellow.

Fruits. Fruiting calyx prickles absent. Mature fruits red.

Distribution and habitat. Queensland, New South Wales. Qld: Moreton, Darling Downs, Wide Bay, Cook, Leichhardt, Warrego, Port Curtis, Mitchell, Kennedy South, Kennedy North. NSW: Central Coast.

Miscellaneous. Naturalised. Subg. Potatoe. Common name: Cherry Tomato.

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