Solanum apecies of eastern and northern Australia


A. R. Bean

Implicit Attributes

Unless indicated otherwise, the following attributes are implicit throughout the descriptions, except where the characters concerned are inapplicable.

Habit. Large stems bark thin, nondescript, prickles present.

Branchlets. Branchlets terete. Branchlet prickles present. Branchlet stellae central ray present. Branchlet simple hairs absent.

Leaves. Leaf domatia absent. Petioles not winged. Axillary leaves absent.

Upper leaf surface. Upper leaf surface protostellae absent.

Lower leaf surface. Lower leaf surface branched/dendritic hairs absent.

Inflorescence. Inflorescence common peduncle present. Flowers all similar. Pedicels with indument uniformly distributed. Filament attachment basal. Stigma expanded, obtuse or lobed.

Fruits. Fruiting calyx prickles present, lobes not recurved. Mature fruits glabrous. Fruit attachment shed readily, leaving shallow circular scar. Stone-cell granules absent.

Miscellaneous. Native.

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