Solanum species of eastern and northern Australia


A. R. Bean


This dataset covers all Solanum species that are indigenous or naturalised in eastern Australia, i.e. Queensland, New South Wales (including A.C.T.), Victoria and Tasmania. The coverage for Northern Territory and the northern half of Western Australia is incomplete.

This key is designed for use with mature aged plants (ones that have reached flowering age or height), but not juvenile plants. Many vegetative characters have been coded, and hence it is often possible to identify sterile material, but the presence of at least intact calyces and/or rachises is often necessary. The key can be used to identify either dried herbarium specimens or fresh material. Fresh material is always advantageous, as certain characters (e.g. ‘mature fruit diameter’) will be less reliable with dried material.

This package is generated from a DELTA database (Dallwitz 1980; Dallwitz, Paine, and Zurcher 1993). Data were entered using the DELTA Editor (Dallwitz, Paine, and Zurcher 1999). The package comprises an interactive system for identification and information retrieval using the program Intkey (Dallwitz, Paine, and Zurcher 1995, 2000) (running under MS-Windows 95/NT or later), descriptions, illustrations, references, and other subsidiary material.

See also ‘Hints on using the key’.

I would be pleased to hear from anyone who detects errors or deficiencies in this key.

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