Solanum species of eastern and northern Australia


A. R. Bean


I acknowledge the use of images of Solanum nodiflorum, S. betaceum, S. dulcamara and S. seaforthianum, copyrighted by Gerald D. Carr of the University of Hawaii, and freely provided by him for instructional and educational purposes. Images have been kindly supplied by Andrew Ford (Solanum carduiforme), Gary Wilson (S. pugiunculiferum), Garry Sankowsky (S. intonsum, S. viridifolium), Keith McDonald (S. lucani, S. multiglochidiatum), and Angus Emmott (S. unispinum). Lynn Bohs and Glenn Leiper kindly provided many other images.

I acknowledge the use of digital line drawings (S. triflorum, S. dulcamara and S. rostratum) from the USDA-NRCS Plants Database website, originating from Britton, N.L., and A. Brown, 1913, Illustrated flora of the northern states and Canada. Vol. 3.

I am grateful to my colleagues for testing the Solanum key over the last few years. I am especially grateful to Laurie Jessup for his encouragement, and for his generous assistance and support in all aspects of the use of DELTA.

Many thanks are due to Mike Dallwitz for his work in preparing this version (and previous versions) of the dataset for inclusion on the worldwide web. He made numerous improvements and corrected inconsistencies in the data. His patience and advice have been invaluable.