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The grass genera of the world

L. Watson, T.D. Macfarlane, and M.J. Dallwitz


For discussion of the origins and development of the grass database, and detailed acknowledgements, see Watson, Dallwitz and Johnston (1986), Watson (1988) and Watson and Dallwitz (1994). We are especially indebted to S.G. Aiken, H.T. Clifford, R.P. Ellis, G.E. Gibbs Russell, E.A. Kellogg, H.P. Linder, H.D.V. Prendergast, A. Van den Borre, B.K. Simon, R.D. Webster and C.M. Weiller for contributing in various ways, including provision of unpublished descriptive data; to Chris Warner and Jill Hartley, for excellent technical work including most of the photography; to Paul Hattersley, for access to his comprehensive collection of offprints relating to variation in photosynthetic pathways, for advice in interpreting that material, and for permission to use his beautiful fluorescence-microscopic photos of leaf sections (notably those depicting immunofluorescent-labelled Rubisco); to the Botanical Research Institute, Pretoria, and the Western Australian Herbarium, for permission to use illustrations from Gibbs Russell et al. (1990) and Gardner (1952), respectively; and to Julia Rymer and Jill Hartley, for expertly scanning the illustrations.