Pest Fruit Flies of the World – Larvae


L.E. Carroll, A.L. Norrbom, M.J. Dallwitz, and F.C. Thompson

Dacus lounsburyii Coquillett

Body length 11–15mm (range estimated, LEC coded as 13); slender, elongate, tapering anteriorly (?). Integument unsclerotized, entirely whitish to yellowish. Caudal ridge present. Mature larvae able to jump (?).

Head. Head of normal shape; cephalic lobes well developed. Antenna 2-segmented. Stomal organ: primary lobe small, round (?); other peg-sensilla-like structures ?. Stomal region: secondary lobes present, medial ones elongate, like oral ridges (?); sclerotized stomal guards absent (?). Oral ridges present; number of oral ridges 17–19 (some branched); margins scalloped (long, deeply serrated, parallel-sided, bluntly rounded teeth ?). Accessory plates present (numerous, long ?); margins serrated (deeply serrated; ?). Elongate, finger-like lobes arising above mandibles absent (?). Labium broad (?).

Cephalopharyngeal skeleton. Mandibles: subapical teeth present; tooth much smaller than apical tooth, and delicate, or smaller than apical tooth, and very stout, or about the same size as apical tooth (?); with a single ventral tooth (?); base ?. Parastomal bars elongate, free from hypopharyngeal sclerite (?). Dental sclerites present, posterior to mandibles (?).

Spinules and creeping welts. Dorsal spinules on segments T1-A1, or T1-A2.

Caudal segment (a8) and anal lobes. Sensilla on caudal segment 10 pairs, with at least 7 pairs visible under dissecting microscope (?).

Anterior spiracles. Anterior spiracular tubules 23–25; in a single uniform row, or in a single irregular row (?).

Posterior spiracles. Posterior spiracular area not distinctly set off from caudal segment. Area between posterior spiracles smooth.

Host plants. Cucurbitaceae.

Part of plant attacked: fruit.

Biogeographic region. Afrotropical.

Specimens examined. Based on description by Silvestri (1913).

Sources of data and SEM numbers: 334.

Illustrations. • Head (anteroventral).

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