Festuca of North America


S. G. Aiken, M. J. Dallwitz, C. L. McJannet, and L. L. Consaul

Festuca vaseyana Hack. ex Beal


Grasses N. Am. 2: 601. 1896. Type: U.S.A. Colorado: Veta Pass, 1884, G. Vasey s.n. Isotype: US!


Treated as a distinct species by Alexeev (1982) but as synonymous with F. arizonica Vasey in this database. Alexeev (1982) does not appear to have been aware that specimens of F. arizonica have awns 0.4–1.5(-2.7) mm long.

The interactive key provides access to the character list, illustrations, full and partial descriptions, diagnostic descriptions, differences and similarities between taxa, lists of taxa exhibiting specified attributes, and summaries of attributes within groups of taxa.

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