Festuca of North America


S. G. Aiken, M. J. Dallwitz, C. L. McJannet, and L. L. Consaul

Festuca scabrella Torrey in Hook.


Fl. Bor. Amer. 2: 252, tab. 233. 1840. F. altaica subsp. scabrella (Torrey) Hultén, Fl. Alaska and Yukon 1: 241. 1942. F. altaica var. scabrella (Torrey) Breitung, Am. Midl. Natl. 58: 12. 1957. Type: Canada. Alberta: Rocky Mountains, 1826, T. Drummond 187; Holotype: originally at NY, Torrey Herbarium. "Ex. Herb. Torrey". Isotype: GH! Alexeev (1982) noted that the syntypes "Drummond" numbers "71, 187, 212" are at K and NY!


Synonym of F. altaica. In examining the isotype and possible second isotype collections of Drummond from GH, in 1994, (see image library) the first author agreed with the annotations made by L.E. Pavlick (Sept. 1981) that these specimens are plants of F. altaica sensu stricta. F. scabrella var. major Vasey = F. campestris Rydb., F. scabrella Torrey in Hook. subsp. hallii (Piper) W.A. Weber = F. hallii Vasey.

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