Festuca of North America


S. G. Aiken, M. J. Dallwitz, C. L. McJannet, and L. L. Consaul

Implicit Attributes

Unless indicated otherwise, the following attributes are implicit throughout the descriptions, except where the characters concerned are inapplicable.

Habit. Plants bisexual.

Vegetative morphology. Collars glabrous. Auricular cilia absent.

Floral morphology. Inflorescence paniculate. Rachis internodes not cuneate in cross section. Spikelets not alternating on opposite sides of the rachis. Spikelet edges not fitting into the rachis. First glumes present. Glumes unequal. Rachilla internodes antrorsely scabrous. Lemma callus not elongated. Lemma nerveless in dorsal view or sometimes with only the centre vein distinct. Lemma awn present. Lemma and palea not becoming indurate.

Habitat and Distribution. Native.

The interactive key provides access to the character list, illustrations, full and partial descriptions, diagnostic descriptions, differences and similarities between taxa, lists of taxa exhibiting specified attributes, and summaries of attributes within groups of taxa.

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