Festuca of North America


S. G. Aiken, M. J. Dallwitz, C. L. McJannet, and L. L. Consaul

Festuca amethystina L.


Sp. Pl.: 74. 1753. Type: "Roy. lugbd. 68" cited. Hack. Monogr. Fest. Eur. 123. 1882, holds F. amethystina excluding reference to "Scheuchz!" as valid (Chase and Niles 1962).

Classification. Subg. Festuca L.


A European taxon that is sometimes cultivated as an ornamental. "Slender tufted perennial; blades filiform, 15–25 cm long; panicle 5–10 cm long, rather narrow; spikelets similar to F. ovina", Hitchcock and Chase (1951).

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