Festuca of North America


S.G. Aiken, M.J. Dallwitz, C.L. McJannet, and L.L. Consaul


Special thanks are due to D.H.J. Colless (CSIRO) for use of the NSIM and PCLASS programs, Carl-Eric Granfelt, Pinetop, Arizona for collections from Arizona that helped clarify the differences between F. arizonica and F. calligera and drawing the first author's attention to the Aldon and Barsted (1987) observations. Sincere thanks go to George Garcia, Herbarium Director, Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station for the loan of the Aldon and Barsted collections, the curators at GH and US for permission to cut leaf cross sections and the Curators from more than 40 other herbaria who have loaned specimens. We also thank S.J. Darbyshire, J. McNeill and P. Patterson for useful discussions and information concerning the synonymy and Anna Bilsky for clarifying aspects of editing style of the manuscript. The logistic support for field work was received from: L. Maus and Arctic College, Iqaluit, Agriculture Canada, the Polar Continental Shelf Project, members of Geological Survey of Canada, and the Canadian Museum of Nature (CMN). For the CD-ROM version of the package, special thanks are due to Dr. P. Richards-Pichette, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Network (EMAN), Dr. M. Graham, and the Research Division of the CMN, for funding support; and Bonnie Livingstone, Publishing Department, and Jonathon Ferrabee, Exhibits Department, CMN. This project is a Canadian contribution to the UNESCO Program on Man and the biosphere.