Devar is a Fortran program for estimating development rate, as a function of temperature, from development times measured under fluctuating or constant temperatures. Fluctuating temperatures may be recorded at given times of day, or the maximum and minimum temperatures may be recorded. The development-rate function to be fitted may be supplied by the user as a Fortran function.

The distribution file contains the Fortran source code, the User’s Guide, examples of input and output files, and executable program files suitable for MS-DOS or any version of Windows except 64-bit versions.

Installation guide

User's guide in PDF format

Distribution ZIP file, including the installation guide and user’s guide

Cite this publication as: ‘Dallwitz, M.J., and Higgins, J.P. 1992 onwards. Devar: a computer program for estimating development rate as a function of temperature. Version: 18th July 1993.’.

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