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The genera of Leguminosae-Caesalpinioideae & Swartzieae

L. Watson and M.J. Dallwitz

Kalappia Kosterm.

Type species: K. celebica Kostermans.

Habit and leaf form. Trees; unarmed.

Phyllotaxy distichous. The leaves compound; pinnate; imparipinnate. The leaflets elliptic, few per leaf (about 3–7); alternate; symmetrical or nearly so; pinnately veined, with a predominant ‘midrib’. Stipules absent or early caducous or very inconspicuous in mature leaves; membranous. Stipels absent.

Inflorescence and floral morphology. The inflorescences axillary; branched; supposedly of cymose units; panicles. Bracts absent at anthesis (caducous). Bracteoles present; absent at anthesis.

The flowers hermaphrodite; not pentamerous throughout; departing from pentamery in the androecium. Hypanthium absent, the androecium hypogynous. The perianth comprising distinct calyx and corolla. Calyx 5; not Swartzieae type; polysepalous; more or less regular (the sepals subequal); members imbricate. Corolla present; slightly irregular (the ovate petals slightly unequal); 5; without greatly reduced members; polypetalous. Petals clawed, or clawed to sessile; imbricate; imbricate-ascending. Disk absent. The androecium comprising 7–9 members; members all free of one another; members markedly unequal; including staminodia. The staminodia 2–4; oppositipetalous. Fertile stamens 4–5 (oppositisepalous). Anthers attached at the base of the connective (shorter than filaments, and directed inwards at ninety degrees); dehiscing via pores or short slits. Ovary sessile or subsessile; free. Stigma not dilated (or only minutely so). Ovules few (3–5).

Fruit, seed and seedling. Fruit 1–3 seeded, a follicle; not drupaceous; winged longitudinally; narrowly, 1 winged (along only one suture); flat, the valves thin not becoming woody. Seeds flat, disk-like; with a straight or slightly oblique radicle.

Species number and distribution. 1 species (K. celebica). Celebes.

Tribe. Cassieae.

Miscellaneous. Illustrations: • K. celebica: Ding Hou, Fl. Malesiana 12 (1995).

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