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The genera of Leguminosae-Caesalpinioideae and Swartzieae

L. Watson and M.J. Dallwitz

Revision history

22 March 2017. Addition of the revision history. DELTA data files included. Original (Watson and Dallwitz 1983) introduction added to the classification.

2014. (1) Incorporation of numerous (450+) copyright-free taxon images to accompany the generic descriptions, mostly downloaded from the Biodiversity Heritage Library ( and adapted nomenclaturally and in content as appropriate in the present context. (2) Addition of a character to the character list, facilitating cross referencing via Intkey with the Bruneau et al. (2008) classification of our tribe Detarieae into clades.

2000. French translation of the character list provided by E. Chenin, permitting generation of a French version of the complete package.

1995–2014. Occasional minor editing of the generic descriptions, as indicated in them and in the references.

1993. First Web version, based on the data from Watson and Dallwitz (1983), with the addition of a list of the species sampled for leaf anatomy in preparing the taxon descriptions.