The families of British spiders


L. Watson and M. J. Dallwitz


Ant-eating Spider.

Morphology. The adult spiders 2–3 mm long; of medium build, or decidedly plump-bodied; with legs of medium length; with eight eyes. The eyes comprising a pair of large, circular anterior medians and three smaller laterals in a curved-longitudinal row on either side. Metatarsus IV of the females without a calamistrum. Tarsal claws 3. Tarsus IV without a ventral ‘comb’. The abdomen plain dorsally (dark brown above, but contrastingly pale yellow below). The abdomen of the females without a cribellum.

The adults not making snare-webs; actively pursuing their prey (found among black ants, Lasius niger, on which they exclusively feed).

British representation. 1 species in Britain; in the genus Zodarion (Z. italicum). Confined to southern England.

Comments. Exhibiting only one pair of clearly visible spinnerets, the others being very reduced.

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