The families of British spiders


L. Watson and M. J. Dallwitz

Nomenclatural updating of Blackwall’s legends

While Roberts’s (1985 and 1987) account has been used to check that Blackwall’s illustrations conform reasonably well with the modern names assigned to them here, no original taxonomic research has been brought to bear, nor have any type specimens been examined. The identifications relied initially on the authority of Bristowe’s synonymic list (1941). His interpretations were then updated to 2003 via the nomenclatural references accompanying this package, and the resulting list was vetted by Ian Dawson, who made some corrections and improvements. Blackwall omitted authorities from the names in his legends, and those attached here to superseded names are mostly copied directly from Bristowe, who did not indicate recombinations. They may be useful in further correcting the list, after which they would best be deleted. Note that ‘=’ as employed here relates to British literature, no distinction being made between genuine synonymies and cases representing earlier misidentifications of British specimens.


X, 97. Agelena labyrinthica (Clerck)

X, 98. Agelena hyndmanii Templeton, = Cryphoeca silvicola (C.L. Koch)

X, 105. Tegenaria domestica as interpreted by Blackwall, = Tegenaria parietina (Fourcroy)

X, 106. Tegenaria atrica C.L. Koch, = T. gigantea Chamberlin & Ivie, T. saeva Bl., or T. atrica Koch? Blackwall described T. saeva in 1844, but later reduced it to synonymy with Koch’s T. atrica, and this 1861 illustration may not be precisely identifiable.

X, 107. Tegenaria civilis Walck.-Bl., = Tegenaria domestica (Clerck)

X, 109. Coelotes saxatilis Bl., = Coelotes atropos (Walck.)

X, 110. Tetrix lycosina (Sundevall), = Tetrix denticulata (Olivier)


IX, 88. Ciniflo atrox Walck., = Amaurobius fenestralis (Stroem.)

IX, 89. Ciniflo similis Bl., = Amaurobius similis (Bl.)

IX, 90. Ciniflo ferox Walck., = Amaurobious ferox (Walck.)

IX, 91. Ciniflo mordax Bl., = Amaurobius ferox (Walck.)


VIII, 83. Clubiona accentuata Walck., = Anyphaena accentuata (Walck.)


XXIII, 236. Epeira quadrata Clerck, = Araneus quadratus Clerck

XXIII, 237. Epeira apoclisa Walck., = Aranea foliata Fourcroy in Bristowe, = Larinioides cornutus (Clerck)

XXIII, 238. Epeira sericata Clerck, = Aranea undulata Olivier in Bristowe, = Larinioides sclopetarius (Clerck)

XXIV, 239. Epeira patagiata Clerck, = Larinioides patagiatus (Clerck)

XXIV, 240. Eperira scalaris, = Aranea rajae betulae Sulz. in Bristowe, = Araneus marmoreus Clerck

XXIV, 241. Epeira umbratica Clerck, = Nuctenea umbratica (Clerck)

XXIV, 242. Epeira agalena Walck.: according to Bristowe, probably = Atea sp., with early confusion involving A. sturmi (Hahn) and A. triguttata (Fabricius), both of which have now been restored to Araneus.

XXIV, 243. Epeira solers Walck., = Agalenatea redii (Scop.)

XXV, 244. Epeira similis Bl., = Zygiella litterata Olivier (in Bristowe), = Zygiella x-notata (Clerck)

XXV, 245. Epeira calophylla C.L. Koch, = Zygiella atrica (C.L. Koch)

XXV, 246. Epeira acalypha Walck., = Mangora acalypha (Walck.)

XXV, 247. Epeira cucurbitina Linn., = Araniella cucurbitina (Linn.)

XXV, 248. Epeira bella Meade, = Cercidia prominens (Westring)

XXV, 249. Epeira lutea Koch, = Araneus alsine (Walck.)

XXV, 250. Epeira ceropegia Walck., = Aculepeira ceropegia (Walck.)

XXV, 251. Epeira adianta Walck., = Neoscona adianta (Walck.)

XXVI, 256. Epeira albimacula Koch, = Zilla diodia (Walck.)

XXVI, 257. Epeira anthracina Bl., = Hypsosinga pygmaea (Sundevall)

XXVI, 258. Epeira diadema Linn., = Araneus diadematus Clerck

XXVII, 259. Epeira angulata Linn., = Araneus angulatus Clerck

XXVII, 260. Epeira bicornis Walck., = Gibbaranea gibbosa (Walck.)

XXVII, 261. Epeira conica Pallas, = Cyclosa conica (Pallas)

XXVII, 262. Epeira tubulosa Walck., = Singa hamata Oliv. in Bristowe, = Singa hamata (Clerck)?

XXVII, 263. Epeira calva Bl., = Hypsosinga albovittata (Westring)

XXVII, 264. Epeira herii Hahn, = Hypsosinga pygmaea (Sundevall) in Blackwall’s illustration (Bristowe)


I, 1. Atypus sulzeri Latreille, = Atypus affinis Eichwald


VI, 71. Drassus ferrugineus Bl., = Clubiona sp.? (identity uncertain: Bristowe)

VI, 74. Drassus propinquus Bl., = Phrurolithis festivus (C.L. Koch)

VII, 75. Clubiona holosericea Walck.-Bl., = Clubiona stagnatilis Kulcz.

VII, 76. Clubiona amarantha Walck., = Clubiona terrestris Westring

VII, 77. Clubiona epimelas Walck., = C. holosericea Linn. (in Bristowe) = Clubiona pallidula (Clerck).

VII, 78. Clubiona formosa Templeton: identity uncertain, but cf. Clubiona pallidula (Clerck) – Bristowe

VII, 79. Clubiona corticalis (Walck.)

VII, 80. Clubiona brevipes Bl.

VII, 81. Clubiona comta C.L. Koch

VIII, 82. Clubiona pallens Koch-Bl., = Clubiona subtilis L. Koch

VIII, 85. Clubiona nutrix Walck., = Cheiracanthium erraticum (Walck.)

VIII, 86. Clubiona erratica Walck., = Cheiracanthium erraticum (Walck.)

Cybaeidae (Argyronetidae)

VIII, 87. Argyroneta aquatica (Clerck)


IX, 92. Ciniflo humilis Bl., = Lathys humilis (Bl.)

IX, 93. Ergatis benigna Bl., = Dictyna arundinacea (Linn.)

IX, 94. Ergatis pallens Bl., = Nigma puella (Simon)

IX, 95. Ergatis latens Fabr., = Dictyna latens (Fabr.)


XXVIII, 266. Dysdera erythrina (Walck.)

XXVIII, 267. Dysdera rubicunda C.L.K., = Dysdera crocata C.L. Koch

XXVIII, 268. Dysdera hombergi Scop., = Harpactea hombergi (Scop.)


III, 23. Eresus cinnaberinus (Oliv.), = Eresus sandaliatus (Martini & Goeze)


VI, 62. Drassus lucifugus Walck., = Gnaphosa sp. (identity unknown: Bristowe)

VI, 63. Drassus ater Latr., = Zelotes apricorum (L. Koch) or Z. subterraneus (C.L. Koch), the latter relatively recently recognised as British.

VI, 64. Drassus pusillus C.L. Koch, = Drassyllus pusillus (C.L. Koch)

VI, 65. Drassus pumilus C.L. Koch, = Zelotes electus (C.L. Koch)

VI, 66. Drassus clavator Camb., = Haplodrassus signifer (C.L. Koch)

VI, 67. Drassus sericeus Walck., = Scotophaeus blackwalli (Thorell)

VI, 68. Drassus sylvestris Bl., = Haplodrassus silvestris (Bl.)

VI and XI, 69. Drassus cupreus Bl., = Drassodes cupreus (Bl.)

VI, 70. Drassus lapidocolens Walck., = Drassodes lapidosus (Walck.)

VI, 72. Drassus micans Bl., = Micaria pulicaria (Sundevall)

VI, 73. Drassus nitens Bl., = Micaria pulicaria (Sundevall)


X, 99. Agelena elegans C.L. Koch, = Antistea elegans (C.L. Koch)

X, 100. Agelena montana Bl., = Hahnia montana (Bl.)

X, 101. Agelena nava Bl., = Hahnia nava (Bl.)


XIV, 136. Theridion filipes Bl., = Bathyphantes concolor (Wider) in Bristowe, = Diplostyla concolor (Wider)

XV, 138. Linyphia montana (Clerck), = Linyphia triangularis Clerck

XV, 139. Linyphia triangularis Clerck, = Neriene radiata Clerck (formerly known as Linyphia marginata)

XV, 140. Linyphia marginata Bl., = Neriene montana (Clerck)

XV, 141. Linyphia pratensis Wider, = Linyphia hortensis Sundevall

XV, 142. Linyphia fuliginea Bl., = Microlinyphia pusilla (Sundevall)

XV, 143. Linyphia rubea Bl., = Neriene peltata (Wider)

XV, 144. Linyphia minutus Bl., = Lepthyphantes minutus (Bl.)

XV, 145. Linyphia cauta Bl., = Labulla thoracica (Wider)

XVI, 146. Linyphia vivax Bl., = Megalepthyphantes nebulosus (Sundevall)

XVI, 147. Linyphia socialis Sundevall, = Drapetisca socialis (Sundevall)

XVI, 149. Linyphia alticeps Sund.-Bl., = Bolyphantes luteolus (Bl.)

XVI, 150. Linyphia longidens Wider, = Tapinopa longidens (Wider)

XVI, 151. Linyphia frenata Wider, = Floronia frenata (Wider) in Bristowe, = Floronia bucculenta (Clerck)

XVI, 152. Linyphia tenuis Bl.: according to Bristowe = either Lephthyphantes tenuis (Bl.) or Lephthyphantes tenebricola (Wider)

XVI, 153. Linyphia terricola C.L. Koch-Bl., = Lepthyphantes zimmermanni Bertkau

XVI, 154. Linyphia meadii Bl., identity uncertain, since the palp does not seem to conform with that of Saaristoa abnormis (Bl.).

XVI, 155. Linyphia claytoniae Bl., = Kaestneria dorsalis (Wider) according to Bristowe, but the palp does not conform well.

XVI, 156. Linyphia pulla Bl., = Bathyphantes nigrinus (Westring)

XVII, 157. Linyphia alacris Bl., = Lepthyphantes alacris (Bl.)

XVII, 158. Linyphia nasata Bl., = Dipoena sp.? (Bristowe: identity uncertain)

XVII, 159. Linyphia ericacea Bl., = Lepthyphantes ericaeus (Bl.)

XVII, 160. Linyphia insignis Bl., = Helophora insignis (Bl.)

XVII, 161. Linyphia albula Camb., = Linyphia peltata Wider according to Bristowe, but the picture is not a good match for that species.

XVII, 162. Linyphia obscura Bl., = Lepthyphantes obscurus (Bl.)

XVII, 163. Linyphia gracilis Bl., = Bathyphantes gracilis (Bl.)

XVII, 164. Linyphia tenella Bl., = Kaestneria pullata (Camb.)? – identity uncertain (Bristowe)

XVII, 165. Linyphia circumspecta Bl., = Bathyphantes gracilis (Bl.)

XVII, 166. Linyphia flavipes Bl., = Lepthyphantes flavipes (Bl.)

XVII, 167 and XVIIIA. Neriene marginata Bl., = Neriene clathrata (Sundevall)

XVII, 168. Neriene bicolor Bl., = Centromerita bicolor (Bl.)

XVIII, 170. Neriene errans Bl., = Porrhoma errans (Bl.)

XVIII, 171. Neriene varia Bl., = Microneta viaria (Bl.)

XVIII, 172. Neriene gracilis Bl., = Meioneta rurestris (C.L. Koch)

XVIII, 173. Neriene vagans Bl., = Tiso vagans (Bl.)

XVIII, 174. Neriene dentata Wider, = Gnathonarium dentatum (Wider)

XVIII, 175. Neriene affinis Bl., = Tmeticus affinis (Bl.)

XVIII, 176. Neriene huthwaitii Camb., = Phaulothrix huthwaiti (Camb.) in Bristowe, = Leptothoptrum robustum (Westring)

XVIII, 177. Neriene pygmaea Bl., = Porrhomma pygmaeum (Bl.)

XVIII, 178. Neriene flavipes Bl., = Meioneta rurestris (C.L. Koch)

XVIII, 179. Neriene parva Bl., = Gongylidiellum vivum (Camb.)? – identity uncertain (Bristowe)

XVIII, 180. Neriene munda Bl., = Gongylidium rufipes (Sundevall)

XVIII, 181. Neriene cornuta Bl., = Hypomma cornutum (Bl.)

XVIII, 182. Neriene bituberculata Wider, = Hypomma bituberculatum (Wider)

XVIII, 183. Neriene apicata Bl., = Oedothorax apicatus (Bl.)

XVIII, 184. Neriene rubens Bl., = Gonatium rubens (Bl.)

XVIII, 185. Neriene nigra Bl., = Dicymbium nigrum (Bl.)

XIX, 186. Neriene graminicola Bl., = Hylyphantes graminicola (Bl.)

XIX, 187. Neriene cornigera Camb., = Sintula corniger (Bl.)

XIX, 188. Neriene longipalpis Bl., = Erigone atra Bl. (i.e., not longipalpis Sundevall: Bristowe)

XIX, 189 and XXIIE. Neriene fusca Bl., = Oedothorax fuscus (Bl.)

XIX, 190 and XXIID. Neriene agrestis Bl., = i (Bl.)

XIX, 191. Neriene vigilax Bl., = Walckenaeria vigilax (Bl.)

XIX, 192 and XXIIB. Neriene tuberosa Bl., = Oedothorax tuberosus (Bl.) in Bristowe, = Oedothorax gibbosus (Bl.)

XIX, 193. Neriene trilineata Koch, = Stemonyphantes lineatus (Linn.)

XIX, 194. Neriene rubella Bl., = Gonatium rubellum (Bl.)

XIX, 195. Neriene variegata Bl., = Poeciloneta variegata (Bl.)

XIX, 196. Neriene pilosa Bl., cf. juvenile Saaristoa abnormis (Bl.) – Bristowe

XIX, 197. Neriene pallidula Bl.: identity uncertain (Bristowe)

XIX, 198. Neriene carinata Bl.: identity uncertain (Bristowe)

XIX, 199. Neriene herbigrada Bl.,= Micrargus herbigradus (Bl.) or M. apertus (Camb.)

XIX, 200. Neriene abnormis Bl., = Saaristoa abnormis (Bl.)

XIX, 201. Neriene rubripes Bl., = Macrargus rufus (Wider)

XX, 203. Walckenaeria acuminata Bl.

XX, 204. Walckenaeria cuspidata Bl.

XX, 205. Walckenaeria monoceros Wider

XX, 206. Walckenaeria hardii Bl., = Leptothrix hardyi (Bl.)

XX, 207. Walckenaeria unicornis Camb.

XX, 208. Walckenaeria obtusa Bl.

XX, 209. Walckenaeria fuscipes Bl., = Monocephalus fuscipes (Bl.)

XX, 210 and XXIIA. Walckenaeria punctata Bl., = Lophomma punctatum (Bl.)

XX, 211. Walckenaeria paralella Wider, = Pelecopsis parallela (Wider)

XX, 212. Walckenaeria obscura Bl., = Cnephalocotes obscurus (Bl.)

XX, 213. Walckenaeria flavipes Bl., = Entelecara flavipes (Bl.)

XX, 214. Walckenaeria turgida Bl.: according to Bristowe, perhaps = Thyreosthenius becki

(Camb.), which now = Thyreosthenius parasiticus (Westring)

XXI, 215. Walckenaeria atra Bl., = Erigone atra (Bl.) or Erigone longipalpis (Sundevall) – cf. Bristowe (see also XIX, 188 and XXIIC)

XXI, 216. Walckenaeria aggeris Bl., = Troxochrus scabriculus (Westring)

XXI, 217. Walckenaeria hiemalis Bl., = Erigonella hiemalis (Bl.)

XXI, 218. Walckenaeria bifrons Bl., = Dismodicus bifrons (Bl.)

XXI, 219. Walckenaeria parva Bl.: identity uncertain - Bristowe suggested perhaps = Aulacocyba subitanea (Camb.), which now = Microctenonyx subitaneus (Camb.)

XXI, 220. Walckenaeria exilis Bl.: identity uncertain, Bristowe suggested perhaps Colococyba pallens (Camb.), now = Tapinocyba pallens.

XXI, 221. Walckenaeria depressa Bl., = Ceratinella brevis (Wider)

XXI, 222. Walckenaeria pratensis Bl., = Baryphyma pratense (Bl.)

XXI, 223. Walckenaeria humilis Bl., = Araeoncus humilis (Bl.)

XXI, 224. Walckenaeria cristata Bl., = Diplocephalus cristatus (Bl.)

XXI, 225. Walckenaeria antica (Wider), = this or the recently segregated W. alticeps (Denis)

XXI, 226. Walckenaeria saxicola Camb., = Trichoncus saxicola (Camb.)

XXI, 227. Walckenaeria pumila Bl., = Pocadicnemis pumila (Bl.)

XXI, 228. Walckenaeria picina Bl., = Diplocephalus picinus (Bl.)

XXII, 229. Walckenaeria fastigiata Bl., = Trichopterna thorelli (Westring)

XXII, 230. Walckenaeria nemoralis Bl., = Pelecopsis nemoralis (Bl.)

XXII, 231. Walckenaeria ludicra Bl., = Peponocranium ludicrum (Bl.)

XXII, 232. Walckenaeria frontata Bl., = Savignia frontata (Bl.)


VIII, 84. Clubiona domestica Wid., = Liocranum rupicola (Walck.)

X and XII, 102. Agelena brunnea Bl., = Agroeca brunnea (Bl.)

X, 103. Agelena celans Bl., = Scotina celans (Bl.)

X, 104. Agelena gracilipes Bl., = Scotina gracilipes (Bl.)


I, 2. Lycosa agretyca Walck., = Trochosa terricola Thorell

I, 3. Lycosa campestris Walck., = Trochosa ruricola (deGeer)

I, 4. Lycosa andrenivora, = Alopecosa barbipes (Sundevall)

I, 5. Lycosa rapax Bl., = Alopecosa pulverulenta (Clerck)

I, 6. Lycosa herbigrada Bl., = Tarentula carinata Oliv. in Bristowe, = Pardosa palustris (Linn.) form herbigrada (a heathland form).

I, 7. Lycosa allodroma Walck., = Arctosa cinerea (Fabricius)

I, 8. Lycosa picta Hahn, = Arctosa perita (Latreille)

II, 9. Lycosa saccata Linn., = Pardosa amentata (Clerck)

II, 10. Lycosa lugubris Walck., = Pardosa saltans (Topfer-Hofman)

II, 11. Lycosa obscura Bl.: identity uncertain (Bristowe)

II, 12. Lycosa exigua Bl.: Bristowe interprets this as including both Pardosa monticola C.L. Koch and “L. tarsalis Thor.” (the latter = Pardosa palustris)

II, 13. Lycosa fluviatilis Bl., = Pardosa agricola (Thorell)

II, 14. Lycosa cambrica Bl., = Arctosa leopardus (Sundevall)

II, 15. Lycosa latitans Bl., = Pirata latitans (Bl.)

II, 16. Lycosa piratica Olivier, = Pirata piraticus (Clerck)

II, 17. Lycosa piscatoria Clerck, = Pirata hygrophilus Thorell

Metidae (~ Tetragnathidae)

XXVI, 252. Epeira fusca Walck., = Meta menardi (Latreille)

XXVI, 253. Epeira antriada Walck., = Metellina merianae (Scop.)

XXVI, 254. Epeira celata Bl., = Metellina merianae (Scop.) var. celata

XXVI, 255. Epeira inclinata Walck., = Meta reticulata Linn. (in Bristowe), = Metellina segmentata (Clerck)


XIV, 134. Theridion variegatum Bl., cf. Ero furcata (Villers) and Ero cambridgei Kulczynski (Blackwall’s circumscription included both species: Bristowe)


XVI, 148. Linyphia crypticolens Bl., = Nesticus cellulanus (Clerck)


XXIX, 271. Oonops pulcher Templeton


III, 22. Sphasus lineatus Walck., = Oxyopes heterophthalmus Latreille


V, 55. Philodromus dispar Walck.

V, 56. Philodromus pallidus Walck., = Philodromus margaritatus (Clerck)

V, 57. Philodromus elegans Bl., = Philodromus histrio (Latreille)

V and XII, 58. Philodromus cespiticolis Walck.: Philodromus aureolus (Clerck) ssp. cespiticolis, = P. cespitum (Walck.). Since the plant in XII is not Calluna, the identity of the cocoon must be doubtful. For a true representation of Calluna, see Plate IV, 95)

V, 59. Philodromus aureolus (Clerck), but see above.

V, 60. Philodromus oblongus Walck., = Tibellus oblongus (Walck.) or T. maritimus Menge (not distinguishable in the absence of palp or epigyne details)


XV, 137. Pholcus phalangioides Fuesslin


II, 18. Dolomedes mirabilis Clerck, = Pisaura mirabilis (Clerck)

II, 19. Dolomedes ornatus Bl., = Dolomedes fimbriatus (Clerck)

II, 20. Dolomedes fimbriatus Linn., = Dolomedes fimbriatus (Clerck)


III, 24 and XI, K. Salticus scenicus Bl.: according to Bristowe, = Salticus scenicus (Clerck) and/or S. cingulatus (Panzer)

III, 25. Salticus sparsus Bl., = Sitticus pubescens (Fabricius)

III, 26. Salticus coronatus Walck., = Evarcha blancardi Scop.

III, 27. Salticus frontalis Walck., = Euophrys frontalis (Walck.)

III, 28. Salticus obscurus Bl., = Ballus chalybeius (Walck.), formerly Ballus depressus (Walck.)

III, 29. Salticus distinctus Bl., = Pseudeuophrys erratica (Walck.), formerly Euophrys erratica (Walck.)

III, 30. Salticus floricola in Bl. = Sitticus saltator (Simon), formerly Attulus saltator (Simon)

III, 31. Salticus cupreus (Walck.), cf. Heliophanus cupreus (Walck.), but Blackwall’s interpretation included other species of Heliophanus.

III, 32. Salticus promptus Bl., = Marpissa pomatia Walck. in Bristowe, = Marpissa radiata (Grube)

III, 33. Salticus reticulatus Bl., = Neon reticulatus (Bl.)

III, 34. Salticus blackwallii H. Clarke, = Marpissa radiata (Grube)

III and XII, 35. Salticus tardigradus Walck., = Marpissa muscosa (Clerck)

III, 36. Salticus formicarius deGeer, = Myrmarachne formicaria (deGeer)


XXIX, 272. Scytodes thoracica Latreille


XXVIII, 269. Segestria perfida Walck., = Segestria florentina Ross.

XXVIII and XXIX, 270. Segestria senoculata Linn.

Sparassidae (Eusparassidae)

V, 61. Sparassus smaragdulus Walck., = Micrommata virescens (Clerck)

Tetragnathidae (excluding Metidae)

XXII, 233. Pachygnatha clercki Sundevall

XXII, 234. Pachygnatha listeri Sundevall

XXII, 235. Pachygnatha degeeri Sundevall

XXVII, 265. Tetragnatha extensa Linn.: identity of the species uncertain prior to 1895 (Bristowe)


XIII, 111. Theridion lineatum Clerck, = Theridion redimitum Linn. (in Bristowe), = Enoplognatha ovata (Clerck)

XIII, 112. Theridion quadripunctatum Walck., = Steatoda bipunctata (Linn.)

XIII, 113. Theridion sisyphium Walck.-Bl., = T. lunatum Olivier (in Bristowe), = Achaearanea lunata (Clerck)

XIII, 114. Theridion tepidariorum C.L. Koch, = Achaearanea tepidariorum (C.L. Koch)

XIII, 115. Theridion riparium Bl., = Achaearanea riparia (Bl.)

XIII, 116. Theridion nervosum Walck., = Theridion notatum Linn. (in Bristowe), = Theridion sisyphium (Clerck)

XIII, 117. Theridion pictum (Walck.)

XIII, 118. Theridion denticulatum Walck., = Theridion melanurum (Hahn) or T. mystaceum C.L. Koch (not distinguishable in this representation).

XIV, 119. Theridion simile C.L. Koch, = Simitidion simile (C.L. Koch)

XIV, 120. Theridion varians Hahn

XIV, 121. Theridion tinctum (Walck.)

XIV, 122. Theridion pulchellum Walck. = Anelosimus vittatus (C.L. Koch)

XIV, 123. Theridion carolinum Walck., = Neottiura bimaculata (Linn.)

XIV, 124. Theridion versutum Walck., = Steatoda grossa (C.L. Koch)

XIV, 125. Theridion pallens Bl., = Paidiscura pallens (Bl.)

XIV, 126. Theridion stictum Camb., = Crustulina sticta (Camb.)

XIV, 127. Theridion inornata Camb., = Dipoena inornata (Camb.)

XIV, 128. Theridion auratum Bl., identity uncertain (Bristowe)

XIV, 129. Theridion haematostigma Bl., identity uncertain (Bristowe)

XIV, 130. Theridion albens Bl., = Paidiscura pallens (Bl.), cf. fig. 125

XIV, 131. Theridion guttatum Wider, = Crustulina guttata (Wider)

XIV, 132. Theridion flavomaculatum C.L. Koch, = Euryopis flavomaculata (C.L. Koch)

XIV, 133. Theridion angulatum Bl., = Episinus angulatus (Bl.)

XIV, 135. Theridion signatum Walck., = Steatoda phalerata (Panzer)


No Blackwall illustrations


IV, 37. Thomisus brevipes Bl., doubtfully = Xysticus luctuosus (Bl.)

IV, 38. Thomisus cristatus Clerck, = Xysticus cristatus (Clerck), formerly T. viaticus Linn. (Bristowe)

IV, 39. Thomisus audax Schrank, = Xysticus audax (Schrank)

IV, 40. Thomisus erraticus Bl.. = Xysticus erraticus (Bl.)

IV, 41. Thomisus sabulosus Hahn, = Xysticus sabulosus (Hahn)

IV, 42. Thomisus atomarius Walck., identity uncertain (Bristowe)

IV, 43. Thomisus cinereus Bl., = Xysticus sabulosus (Hahn)

IV, 44. Thomisus floricoleus Walck., = Diaea dorsata (Fabricius)

IV, 45. Thomisus luctuosus Bl., = Xysticus luctuosus (Bl.)

IV, 46. Thomisus bifasciatus C.L. Koch, = Xysticus bifasciatus C.L. Koch

IV, 47. Thomisus cambridgii Bl., = Xysticus luctator L. Koch

IV, 48. Thomisus pallidus Bl., = Ozyptila atomaria (Panzer)

IV, 49. Thomisus versutus Bl., = Ozyptila atomaria (Panzer)

IV, 50. Thomisus trux Bl., = Ozyptila trux (Bl.)

IV, 51. Thomisus incertus Bl., = Ozyptila praticola (C.L. Koch)

IV, 52. Thomisus claveatus Walck., = Ozyptila blackwalli Simon

IV, 53. Thomisus atreus Walck., = Misumena vatia (Clerck)

IV, 54. Thomisus abbreviatus Walck., = Thomisus onustus Walck.


X, 96. Velida lineata Bl., = Uloborus walckenaerius Latr.


No Blackwall illustrations


III, 21. Hecaerge spinimana Sundevall, = Zora spinimana (Sundevall)