The Moss Families of the British Isles


L. Watson and M. J. Dallwitz


In Dixon’s Splachnaceae.

Gametophyte. Acrocarpous; forming tufts, or the plants scattered. Mature plants 5–10 mm high. The leaves orbicular, or spathulate to obovate (entire, soft and succulent); spiral; single-nerved. The leaf nerves extending beyond the middle of the leaf, but not to the tip. Leaf blade apices obtuse; not apiculate; apically rounded. Leaf blade margins flat; entire. Leaf blades not conspicuously bordered. The basal leaf cells more or less isodiametric; hexagonal, or rounded; smooth. The walls of basal leaf cells thin; straight. The angular cells not well differentiated. The mid-leaf cells more or less isodiametric; hexagonal, or rounded; smooth. The walls of the mid-leaf cells thin; sinuous.

Sporophyte. Capsules exserted; erect; symmetrical; ellipsoid; with an externally conspicuous apophysis (this very long, yellowish, succulent and tapering into the seta, according to Smith). The apophysis becoming conspicuously rugose and/or twisted. Capsules above the apophysis, smooth; without a peristome. The operculum conical to mamillate. Setae present, or absent (? - the morphological nature of the pedicel being unclear, with Dixon interpreting the pedicel as comprising apophysis only); straight.

Ecology. Occurring in acid conditions. Montane, on peaty soil in shaded rock crevices and scree.

British representation. 1 species. Oedipodium (Gouty-moss). Northern Scotland, southern Scotland, northern England, Wales, and Ireland.

Classification. Class Polytrichopsida; Order Tetraphidales.

Illustrations. • Oedipodium griffithianum. Oedipodium griffithianum. • Oedipodiaceae and Schistostegaceae: Berkeley.

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