The Moss Families of the British Isles


L. Watson and M. J. Dallwitz



Formerly included in Buxbaumiaceae.

Gametophyte. Acrocarpous; forming patches, or the plants scattered. Minute, almost stemless plants. Mature plants about 0.5–5 mm high. Leaves present. The leaves lanceolate, or lingulate; crisped when dry. Leaf bases slightly sheathing to not sheathing. The leaves single-nerved. The leaf nerves extending beyond the middle of the leaf, but not to the tip (though excurrent in the perichaetial leaves). Leaf blade apices obtuse to pointed; apically rounded to apically acute. Leaf blade margins unistratose (the body of the lamina unistratose basally, but 2(-3) stratose above). The basal leaf cells more or less isodiametric to somewhat longitudinally elongated; rectangular, or hexagonal, or rounded; smooth. The walls of basal leaf cells thin to thick; straight. The angular cells not well differentiated. The mid-leaf cells more or less isodiametric; quadrate to rhomboidal; papillose. The walls of the mid-leaf cells thick; straight.

Plants dioecious.

Sporophyte. Capsules immersed to emergent (sub-sessile); inclined; asymmetrical; slightly curved, or straight; obliquely ovoid, or gibbous (somewhat); with an externally conspicuous apophysis, or without an externally conspicuous apophysis. Calyptra very small; symmetrical. Capsules with a peristome. The peristome single (representing the inner peristome, cf. haplolepideous mosses in general, but as in Buxbaumia taking the form of a pale, plicate membrane). The inner peristome with only 16 longitudinal plicae, contrasting with the 34-plicate membrane of Buxbaumia. The operculum narrowly conical. Setae short or long; straight.

Cytology. Haploid chromosome number, n = 9.

British representation. 1 species (D. foliosum being common in montane areas, rare elsewhere). Diphyscium (Nut-moss). Northern Scotland, southern Scotland, northern England, English Midlands, Wales, central southern England, southwest England, and Isle of Wight.

Classification. Class Bryopsida; Subclass Diphysciideae; Order Diphysciales.

Illustrations. • Diphyscium foliosum, with Buxbaumia: Dixon. Buxbaumia aphylla. Buxbaumia viridis. Diphyscium foliosum. • Diphyscium foliosum, with Buxbaumia aphylla: Berkeley.

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