The Moss Families of the British Isles


L. Watson and M. J. Dallwitz


Clay Earth-moss.

In Dixon’s Dicranaceae.

Gametophyte. Acrocarpous (the capsules at first terminal, but becoming lateral by development of innovations); perennial, densely forming tufts, or forming patches. Mature plants 5–20 mm high. The leaves lanceolate to linear, or subulate; spiral; single-nerved. The leaf nerves extending beyond the middle of the leaf, but not to the tip to extending to the leaf tip; not excurrent. Leaf blade apices pointed; apically acute to acuminate; not hyaline. Leaf blade margins flat. The basal leaf cells longitudinally much elongated; rectangular; smooth. The walls of basal leaf cells thin to thick; straight. The angular cells not well differentiated. The mid-leaf cells somewhat longitudinally elongated to longitudinally much elongated; narrowly hexagonal, or rhomboidal; smooth. The walls of the mid-leaf cells thin to thick; straight.

Sporophyte. Capsules immersed; erect; symmetrical; globose (pellucid); neither flattened nor angular; without an externally conspicuous apophysis; smooth. Calyptra very thin, tearing irregularly. Capsules cleistocarpus; without a peristome. Setae short.

Ecology. More or less mesophytic. On bare, often sandy soil in moist fields, on moorland, in wood rides or by rivers.

British representation. 1 species. Archidium. Northern Scotland, southern Scotland, northern England, English Midlands, East Anglia, Wales, southeast England, central southern England, southwest England, Isle of Wight, and Ireland.

Classification. Class Bryopsida; Subclass Dicranideae; Order Archidales.

Illustrations. • Archidium alternifolium: Dixon. Archidium alternifolium. • Archidium alternifolium: Berkeley.

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