British insects


L. Watson and M. J. Dallwitz

Updated insect names for John Curtis’s British Entomology

This list is primarily intended to help potential users of Curtis’s beautiful illustrations to locate the insects depicted. Numbers correspond with his treatments. Binomials used by him and still applicable stand alone, while those preceded by ‘=’ represent attempts to identify in modern terms the insects portrayed. Although the changes usually reflect nomenclatural synonymy as depicted in formal taxonomic check lists, the deliberate omission from this one of authorities for the binomials is intended to emphasize that these interpretations are not nomenclaturally definitive (for example, early misidentifications of British material are not distinguished here from true synonyms). Most identifications have been checked only superficially, and since descriptions and illustrations have not usually been compared with specimens, there will inevitably be some errors. Asterisked binomials have thus far eluded resolution via the check lists and other sources consulted (see References), and the Curtis folios concerned (plates and text) can be viewed under ‘Unsatisfactorily resolved images’ in the interactive ‘Orders’ package at

Informed suggestions and corrections are welcomed, and will be appropriately acknowledged. Meanwhile, even for critical applications the present list should at least facilitate checking Curtis’s insects against modern accounts. The fine representations of British plants accompanying the insects on these plates (see Updated Plant Names for John Curtis’s British Entomology) are utilised in our parallel Internet package, The Families of Flowering Plants.

001. Coleoptera: Cicindela sylvicola = Cicindela hybrida (Tiger Beetle)

002. Hemiptera: Velia rivulorum Fab. (Winged Pond-skater), a mainland-european species

003. Lepidoptera: Deilephila euphorbiae = Hyles (Celerio) euphorbiae (Spurge Hawk)

004. Hymenoptera: Peltastes pini = Metopius dentatus

005. Diptera: Ctenophora ornata (Ornamented Gnat)

006. Coleoptera: Nebria livida (Yellow-margined Nebria Beetle)

007. Lepidoptera: Odonestis pini = Dendrolimus pini (Pine Lappet – doubtfully British)

008. Hymenoptera: Chrysis fulgida (Ruby-tailed Wasp)

009. Diptera: Anthrax ornata = Thyridanthrax fenestratus (Beautiful Bee-fly)

010. Hemiptera: Notonecta maculata (Spotted Boatfly, Water Boatman, Backswimmer)

011. Coleoptera: Molorchus minor (Maculated Molorchus)

012. Lepidoptera: Lycaena dispar (Large Copper)

013. Hymenoptera: *Eumenes atricornis Fab. = Eumenes coronatus (doubtfully British, but cf. Eumenes coarctatus)

014. Diptera: Haemobora pallipes = Lipotena cervi (Pale-legged Ked)

015. Coleoptera: Omaseus aterrimus = Pterostichus aterrimus (Black Omaseus Beetle)

016. Lepidoptera: Peronea ruficostana = Acleris (Peronea) cristana (Rufous-margined Button Moth)

017. Hymenoptera: Croesus septentrionalis (Flat-legged Tenthredo)

018. Diptera: Empis borealis (Northern Empis)

019. Coleoptera: Rhipiphorus paradoxus = Metoecus paradoxus (Wasps’ Nest Beetle)

020. Hemiptera: Pentatoma caerulea = Zicrona caerulea (Blue Shield-bug)

021. Lepidoptera: Eyprepia russula = Diacrisia sannio (~russula: Clouded Buff)

022. Hymenoptera: Ibalia cultellator = Ibalia leucospoides (Knife-shaped Ibalia)

023. Coleoptera: Siagonium quadricorne (Four-horned Staphylinus)

024. Lepidoptera: Gastropacha quercifolia (Lappet)

025. Hymenoptera: Psen equestris = Psen bicolor

026. Diptera: Atherix ibis (Dissimilar Snipe Fly)

027. Coleoptera: Aphodius villosus (Hairy Aphodius)

028. Hemiptera: Acanthosoma haemorrhoidalis = Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale (Red-tipped Shield Bug)

029. Lepidoptera: Sarrothripus ramosanus = Nycteola revayana, var. ramosana (Oak Nycteoline)

030. Hymenoptera: Xyela pusilla (Small Xyela) = Xyela julii

031. Coleoptera: Buprestis nitidula = Anthaxia nitidula (Glittering Buprestis)

032. Hemiptera: Hydrometra stagnorum (Long-headed Pond-skater)

033. Lepidoptera: Bupalus favillacearius = Dyscia fagaria (Grey Scalloped Bar)

034. Diptera: *Milesia speciosa (cf. Caliprobola speciosa. Beautiful Milesia Hover-fly)

035. Coleoptera: Cryptocephalus bipustulatus = Cryptocephalus biguttatus (Yellow-tipped Cryptocephalus. Identity corrected by John Owen, 2006)

036. Lepidoptera: Lithosia muscerda = Pelosia muscerda (Dotted Footman)

037. Raphidioptera: Raphidia ophiopsis (Spotted Snake-fly Long-neck), = Phaeostigma notata Fabr.

038. Hymenoptera: Hedychrum ardens = Hedychridium ardens (Red-footed Golden-fly)

039. Coleoptera: Thymalus limbatus (Rust-coloured Thymalus)

040. Lepidoptera: Sesia bombyliformis = Hemaris tityus (~bombyliformis: Narrow-bordered Bee Hawk)

041. Hymenoptera: Cimbex decem-maculata = Cimbex americanus (Ten-spotted Sawfly)

042. Diptera: Pachygaster leachii (Leachian Pachygaster)

043. Coleoptera: Scolytus destructor = Scolytus scloytus (Elm Bark Beetle)

044. Coleoptera: Clerus alvearius = Trichodes alvearius (Bee-hive Beetle)

045. Lepidoptera: Cucullia asteris (Starwort Shark)

046. Diptera: Asilus germanicus = Pamponerus germanicus (White- and Black-winged Robber-fly)

047. Coleoptera: Pogonus burrellii = Pogonus luridipennis (Burrellian Pogonus)

048. Lepidoptera: Pontia daplidice (Bath White)

049. Hymenoptera: Trichiosoma laterale = Trichiosoma vitelline (Orange-margined Sawfly)

050. Diptera: Limnobia ocellaris = Epiphragma ocellare (Ocellated Gnat)

051. Coleoptera: Platypus cylindrus (Cylindric Ambrosia Beetle)

052. Coleoptera: Onthophagus taurus (Bull-headed Dung-beetle)

053. Lepidoptera: Aegeria ichneumoniformis = Bembecia scopigera (Six-belted Clearwing)

054. Hymenoptera: Lophyrus pini = Diprion pini (Pine Sawfly)

055. Coleoptera: Melasis buprestoides (Buprestis-like Melasis)

056. Lepidoptera: Eulepia cribrum = Coscinia cribraria (Speckled Footman)

057. Trichoptera: Leptocerus ochraceus = Oecetis ochracea (Ochre Caddis-fly)

058. Hymenoptera: Cryptus pallipes (Pale-legged Cryptus), probably = Sterictiphora geminata

059. Coleoptera: Cossonus tardii = Mesites tardii (Irish Cossonus Weevil)

060. Lepidoptera: Cossus ligniperda = Cossus cossus (Goat Moth)

061. Hymenoptera: Anthidium manicatum (Muff-bodied Bee)

062. Diptera: Dolychopeza sylvicola = Dolychopeza albipes (Silver-footed Long-legs)

063. Coleoptera: Acilius caliginosus = Acilius canaliculatus (Pale-thighed Acilius)

064. Lepidoptera: Eupithecia linariata (Toaflax Pug)

065. Hymenoptera: Hylotoma stephensii = Hylotoma (Arge) pagana ssp. stephensii (Stephensian


066. Diptera: Helcomyza ustulata (Sea-shore Helcomyza)

067. Coleoptera: Agrilus chryseis = Agrilus sinuatus (Gold-and-purple Agrilus)

068. Lepidoptera: Arctia caenosa = Laelia caenosa (Reed Tussock)

069. Hymenoptera: Bracon denigrator = Atanycolus denigrator (Smokey-winged Bracon)

070. Diptera: Microdon apiformis = Microdon mutabilis (Bee-like Hover-fly)

071. Coleoptera: Necrophorus germanicus (Black-horned Grave-digger)

072. Lepidoptera: Thyatira batis (Peach-blossom)

073. Hymenoptera: Bassus calculator = Microdus calculator (Beautiful Bassus)

074. Hemiptera: Cydnus dubius = Sehirus dubius (Dark Blue Shield-bug)

075. Coleoptera: Licinus depressus (Flattened Licinus)

076. Lepidoptera: Chariclea delphinii = Periphanes delphinii (Pease-blossom)

077. Hymenoptera: Mutilla ephippium = Smicromyrme rufipes

078. Diptera: Tabanus alpinus = Atylotus fulvus Meigen (Alpine Breeze-fly or Clegg)

079. Coleoptera: Gyrinus bicolor (Elongated Whirl-wig or Whirligig Beetle)

080. Coleoptera: Parnus impressus = Dryops luridus (Impressed Parnus)

081. Lepidoptera: Lobophora polycommata = Trichopteryx polycommata (Barred Tooth-striped)

082. Orthoptera: Acrida bingleii = Decticus verrucivorus (Bingleian Short-horned Grasshopper)

083. Coleoptera: Chlaenius sulcicollis Payk. (Channel-necked Chlaenius), = Agostenus sulcicollis (a mainland-European species)

084. Lepidoptera: Xanthia centrago = Atethmia centrago (Centre-barred Sallow)

085. Hymenoptera: Colletes fodiens (Burrowing Colletes Bee)

086. Hemiptera: Aneurus laevis (Brachyrhynchidae: Smooth Aneurus)

087. Coleoptera: Lebia turcica = Lebia scapularis (Yellow-shouldered Lebia)

088. Lepidoptera: Cleora cinctaria (Ringed Carpet)

089. Hymenoptera: Abia nigricornis = Abia lonicerae (Black-horned Sawfly)

090. Diptera: Chaeronomus aestivus = Eurycnemus crassipes (Bentleyan Midge)

091. Coleoptera: Obrium cantharinum (Reddish Obrium)

092. Lepidoptera: Spilosoma walkerii = Spilosoma lubricepida ab. walkeri (White Ermine, variety)

093. Hymenoptera: Clavellaria marginata (Yellow-margined Sawfly) = Pseudoclavellaria amerinae

094. Diptera: Laphria nigra = Choerades marginatus (Black Robber-fly)

095. Coleoptera: Hydaticus cinereus = Graphoderus cinereus (Orange-striped Hydaticus Water-beetle)

096. Lepidoptera: Vanessa antiopa = Nymphalis antiopa (Camberwell Beauty)

097. Hymenoptera: Zaraea fasciata (White-belted Sawfly)

098. Diptera: Merodon clavipes (Beautiful Merodon Hover-fly. Extinct in Britain)

099. Coleoptera: Dytiscus dimidiatus (Thick-horned Dyticus Beetle)

100. Lepidoptera: Cnephasia pellana = Eana penzeana (Pentz’s Tortrix)

101. Hymenoptera: Panurgus ursinus = Panurgus banksianus (Hairy Panurgus)

102. Diptera: Rhyphus fenestralis = Sylvicola fenestralis (Domestic Gnat-like fly)

103. Coleoptera: Helobia gyllenhalii = Nebria gyllenhalii (Gyllenhal’s Helobia Beetle)

104. Coleoptera: Hylurgus piniperda = Tomicus piniperda (Pine-feeding Hylurgus)

105. Lepidoptera: Charissa operaria = Charissa (Gnophos) obscurata (Scotch Annulet)

106. Diptera: Oestrus pictus = Pharyngomyia picta (Deer Bot- or Warble-fly)

107. Coleoptera: Dianous coerulescens (Rough Dianous)

108. Coleoptera: Paederus fuscipes (New Forest Paederus)

109. Lepidoptera: Crambus radiellus = Catoptria furcatellus (Northern Grass-veneer)

110. Diptera: Henops marginatus, Ogcodes gibbosus (Pale-margined Henops)

111. Coleoptera: Chrysomela adonidis = Entomoscelis adonidis (Lincolnshire Chrysomela: not indigenous)

112. Coleoptera: Zonitis testacea = Rhagonycha testacea (Testaceous Zonitis)

113. Lepidoptera: Alcis sericea = Deileptenia ribeata (Satin Beauty)

114. Siphonoptera: Pulex talpae = Hystrichopsylla talpae (Mole’s Flea)

115. Coleoptera: Achenium depressum (Depressed Achenium)

116. Coleoptera: Hypera fasciculosa = Hypera dauci (Pretty Hypera)

117. Lepidoptera: Achatea spreta = Panolis flammea (Pine-destroying Noctua, Pine Beauty)

118. Mecoptera: Boreus hyemalis (Winter Scorpion-fly)

119. Coleoptera: Demetrias monostigma (Single-spotted Demetrias)

120. Hymenoptera: Alomya victor = Alomya debellator (Scotch Alomya)

121. Lepidoptera: Brepha notha = Archiearis notha (Light Orange-underwing)

122. Diptera: Craterina hirundinis = Stenepteryx hirundinis (Swallow’s Ked)

123. Coleoptera: Tetratoma ancora (Black-and-yellow Tetratoma)

124. Lepidoptera: Limenitis camilla = Ladoga (Limenitis) camilla (White Admiral)

125. Hymenoptera: Melecta punctata = Melecta albifrons (Spotted Melecta)

126. Diptera: Tyrophaga casei = Piophila casei Cheese-feeding Fly)

127. Coleoptera: Cassida salicorniae = Cassida vittata (Samphire Tortoise-beetle)

128. Lepidoptera: Pyrausta cingulalis = Pyrausta cingulata (Silver-barred Sable)

129. Hymenoptera: *Andrena kirbii Stephens mss. (Kirbian Andrena Bee), cf. A. flavipes?

130. Diptera: Hilaria cilipes = Hilara curtisi (Fan-footed Empida)

131. Coleoptera: Dendrophilus sheppardi = Dendrophilus pygmaeus (Sheppardian Hister)

132. Lepidoptera: Macaria liturata = Macaria (Semiothisa) liturata (Tawny-barred Angle)

133. Hymenoptera: Eulophus damicornis = Eulophus ramicornis (Kirbian Eulophus)

134. Diptera: Platyura flavipes = Orfelia nemoralis (Yellow-legged Fungus-gnat)

135. Coleoptera: Byrrhus denii = Byrrhus pilula ssp. dennii (Denny’s Byrrhus)

136. Lepidoptera: Acronycta salicis = Acronycta rumicis (Knot-grass)

137. Hymenoptera: Odynerus parietinus = Ancistrocerus parietinus (Clear-winged Mason Wasp)

138. Diptera: Bibio venosus (Veined Crane-fly)

139. Coleoptera: Badister cephalotes = Broscus cephalotes (Large-headed Badister); Badister bipustulatus (dissections only)

140. Lepidoptera: Erastria ostrina = Eublemma ostrina (Purple Marbled)

141. Hymenoptera: Alysia apii (Celery-feeding Alysia) = Dapsilarthra apii (Curtis)

142. Diptera: Melophagus ovinus (Sheep-louse, Sheep-tick or Ked)

143. Coleoptera: Bledius skrimshirii = Bledius furcatus var. skrimshirii (Skrimshirian Bledius)

144. Coleoptera: Cacidula scutellata = Coccidula scutellata (Spotted Cacidula)

145. Lepidoptera: Anarta myrtilli (Beautiful Yellow Underwing)

146. Diptera: Gasterophilus salutiferus = Gasterophilus nasalis (Healthful Bot- or Warble-fly)

147. Lepidoptera: Acherontia atropos (Death’s-head Hawk)

148. Coleoptera: Blaps obtusa, Blaps lethifera (Blunt-tailed Blaps)

149. Coleoptera: Cicones carpini = Cicones variegatus (Hornbeam Cicones)

150. Hemiptera: Neides elegans = Gampsocoris punctipes (Elegant Stilt-bug)

151. Coleoptera: Cybister roeselii (Roesel’s Diving Beetle, a Mainland-European species)

152. Lepidoptera: Glyphipteryx linneella (Linaeus’s Spangle-wing, Cosmet)

153. Diptera: Dasypogon brevirostris, = Leptarthrus brevirostris (Slender-legged Robber-fly)

154. Hemiptera: Dictynota crassicornis = Dictyonota tricornis (Hairy-horned Tingis)

155. Coleoptera: Melandrya canaliculata (Scarce Melandrya), = Melandrya dubia (doubtfully British)

156. Coleoptera: Mycetophagus piceus (Orange-spotted Fungus-eater)

157. Lepidoptera: Leucania litoralis = Mythimna litoralis (Sea-shore Wainscot)

158. Hymenoptera: Perilampus pallipes = Perilampus ruficornis (Pale-footed Pallipes)

159. Coleoptera: Hydrophilus caraboides = Hydrochara caraboides (Globose Pond-beetle)

160. Coleoptera: Cryptophagus populi (Dark Cryptophagus Fungus-feeder)

161. Lepidoptera: Pterophorus spilodactylus (Wormwood Plume)

162. Diptera: Medeterus notatus = Scellus notatus (Spotted-winged Medeterus)

163. Coleoptera: Throscus obtusus = Trixagus obtusus (Minute Throscus)

164. Coleoptera: Stenus kirbii = Stenus guttula (Kirbian Stenus)

165. Lepidoptera: Agrotis cinerea (Light Feathered Rustic)

166. Hymenoptera: Colax dispar (Northern Colax) = Pteromalus dispar (Curtis)

167. Coleoptera: Malachus bispinosus = Malachius marginellus Olivier (Spined Soft-beetle)

168. Coleoptera: Rugilus fragilis (Red-necked Rugilus)

169. Lepidoptera: Deiopeia pulchra = Utetheisa pulchella (Crimson-speckled Footman)

170. Lepidoptera: Eudorea murana = Scoparia scoparia (The Curtis genus Eudorea having been sunk, and his specific name not Check Listed. Scotch Gray, Wall Grey)

171. Coleoptera: Steropus concinnus = Pterostichus madidus var. concinnus (Mountain Steropus)

172. Coleoptera: Lamia nubila = Mesosa nebulosa (Clouded Lamia)

173. Lepidoptera: Gonepteryx rhamni var. (Brimstone)

174. Hemiptera: Coreus scapha = Enoplops scapha (Sea-side Coreus)

175. Coleoptera: Clivina collaris (Winged Clivina)

176. Coleoptera: Leistus fulvibarbis (Orange-mouthed Leistus)

177. Lepidoptera: Miselia bimaculosa = Meganephria bimaculosa (Double-spot Brocade)

178. Diptera: Cecidomyia verna = Contarina verna (Curtis): Vernal Crane-fly)

179. Coleoptera: Elaphrus uliginosus (Dark-legged Elaphrus)

180. Coleoptera: Callistus lunatus (Kent Carabus)

181. Lepidoptera: *Lasiocampa medicaginis (Medick Eggar Moth), probably = L. trifolii. Curtis’s 1827 description and illustrations of a male adult and a larva do not conform well with L. trifolii, to which it is usually referred. However, his depiction of the larva (which doesn’t match either L. trifolii or L. quercus) was copied from an earlier one by Esper, which was used in the preparation of Ochsenheimer’s original description of L. medicaginis)

182. Diptera: Rhingia campestris = Rhingia macrocephala (Chequered-bodied Hover-fly)

183. Coleoptera: *Agonum austriacum (Cranch’s Agonum), probably = Agonum viridecupreum (a mainland-European species)

184. Coleoptera: Calathus latus = Calathus punctipennis (Broad Calathus. A mainland-European species)

185. Lepidoptera: Hepialus sylvinus = Hepialus sylvina (Orange Swift, Wood Swift)

186. Diptera: Ceria conopsoides = Ceriana conopsoides (Long-horned Hover-Fly. Not British)

187. Coleoptera: Poecilus lepidus = Pterostichus lepidus (Narrow Poecilus)

188. Coleoptera: *Zabrus obesus (Devon Zabrus): cf. Z. tenebrioides, but Curtis’s specimen seems to have been non-British.

189. Lepidoptera: Anacampsis longicornis = Lita longicornis (Long-horned Flat-back, Groundling)

190. Plecoptera: Perla cephalotes = Dinocras cephalotes (Perlidae: Broad-headed Stone-fly)

191. Coleoptera: Ophonus germanus = Diachromus germanus (Red and Blue Ophonus: subgenus Ophonus)

192. Coleoptera: Patrobus apinus = Patrobus septentrionis (Winged Patrobus)

193. Lepidoptera: Cerura latifasciata = Harpyia bifida (Poplar Kitten)

194. Hymenoptera: Cleonymus maculipennis = Cheiropachus quadrum (Spotted-winged Cleonymus)

195. Lepidoptera: Sphinx carolina (Tobacco Hawk-moth: spurious British record of a North American species?)

196. Coleoptera: Pterostichus elongatus (Elongated Pterostichus: a mainland-european species)

197. Coleoptera: Orchesia fasciata = Orchesia undulata (Banded Orchesia Jumping Beetle)

198. Hymenoptera: Anomalon vesparum = Sphecopgaga vesparum (Wasps’ Ichneumon)

199. Coleoptera: *Clytus quadripunctatus (Spotted Longicorn), = ? From Mr. Sparshall; a mainland-European species?

200. Coleoptera: Cillenum laterale = Cillenus lateralis (= Bembidion)

201. Lepidoptera: Melia flammea = Senta (Mythimna) flammea (Flame Wainscot)

202. Neuroptera: Hemerobius fimbriatus (Hemerobiidae: Bordered Brown Lacewing), = Megalomus hirtus (Linn.).

203. Coleoptera: Aepus fulvescens = Aepus marinus (Tawny Aepus)

204. Coleoptera: Micropeplus tesserula (Irish Micropeplus)

205*. Lepidoptera: Hipparchia hero = Coenonympha hero (Plastead’s Brown Ringlet Butterfly – mainland-European)

205**. Lepidoptera: *Hipparchia arcanius (Plastead’s Tawny Ringlet Butterfly), probably = Coenonympha arcania, which is not British, but cf. vars. of C. tullia. See also Coenonympha hero, Psodos equestrata, Sphinx carolina, etc., also based on specimens presented to Curtis by Mr. Plastead.)

206. Hymenoptera: Dryinus cursor = Anteon cursor (Irish Dryinus)

207. Coleoptera: Colymbetes consobrinus = Colymbetes cicur (Tuther’s Dyticus Water-beetle. A South African species)

208. Coleoptera: Coccinella ocellata = Anatis ocellata (Ocellated Lady-bird)

209. Lepidoptera: Amphisa walkerana = Philedonides lunana (Walker’s Lanark Tortrix)

210. Diptera: Anopheles bifurcatus = Anopheles claviger (Plain Mosquito)

211. Coleoptera: Apion difformis = Apion difforme (Eccentric Apion Weevil)

212. Coleoptera: Magdalis carbonarius = Magdalis carbonaria (Long-nosed Magdalis Weevil)

213. Lepidoptera: Pentophera nigricans = Diaphora mendica (Muslin moth)

214. Hymenoptera: Pimpla aethiops (Whittlesea Pimpla)

215. Coleoptera: Telephorus cyaneus = Cantharis abdominalis var. cyanea

216. Coleoptera: Dascillus cervinus

217. Lepidoptera: Catocala elocata = Catocala nupta (Red Underwing)

218. Hymenoptera: Megachile willughbiella (Willughby’s Leaf-cutter Bee)

219. Coleoptera: Monochamus sartor (Genus omitted from Pope’s Check List)

220. Coleoptera: Onthophilus sulcatus = Onthophilus punctatus (Onthophilus)

221. Lepidoptera: Depressaria bluntii = Depressaria depressella (Blunt’s Flat-body)

222. Hymenoptera: Osmia parietina (Ambleside Osmia)

223. Coleoptera: Polystichus fasciolatus = Polistichus connexus (Sea-shore Polystichus)

224. Coleoptera: Heterocerus obsoletus (Largest Heterocerus)

225. Lepidoptera: Speranza sylvaria = Itame (or Macaria) brunneata (Rannoch Looper)

226. Strepsiptera: Stylops dalii (Dalian Stylopid)

227. Coleoptera: Odacantha melanura (Green-and-orange Odacantha)

228. Coleoptera: Syntonium nigrum-aeneum = Syntomium aeneum (Bronzed Syntomium)

229. Lepidoptera: Clisiocampa castrensis = Malacosoma castrensis (Ground Lackey)

230. Hemiptera: Aradus corticalis (Hampshire Aradus)

231. Coleoptera: Dromius spilotus (Epaulet Dromius), = Syntomus obscuroguttatus

232. Coleoptera: Mezeum sulcatum = Mezium affine (Shining Ptinus)

233. Lepidoptera: Phycita pinguis = Euzophera pinguis (Tabby Knot-horn)

234. Hymenoptera: Ichneumon atropos = Callajoppa exaltatoria (Death’s Head Ichneumon)

235. Coleoptera: Tarus basalis = Cymindis vapariorum (Yorkshire Tarus)

236. Coleoptera: Noterus sparsus = Noterus clavicornis (Marsham’s Noterus Water-beetle)

237. Lepidoptera: Orthosia lunosa = Omphaloscelis lunosa (Lunar Underwing)

238. Hymenoptera: Pompilus rufipes = Episyron rufipes

239. Coleoptera: Hydrous piceus = Hydrophilus piceus (Great Water-beetle)

240. Coleoptera: Berosus aericeps = Berosus signaticollis (Berosus Water-beetle)

241. Diptera: Tephritis cornutus = Terellia ceratocera (Long-horned Aster-fly)

242. Lepidoptera: Colias hyale (Pale Clouded Yellow)

243. Coleoptera: Hydrobius chalconotus = Hydrobius fuscipes (Salt-water Hydrobius)

244. Coleoptera: Megatoma serra = Ctesias serra (Toothed-horn Megatoma)

245. Diptera: Sepsis annulipes = Themira annulipes (Ring-footed Fly)

246. Coleoptera: Nosodendron fasciculare (Tufted Nosodendron. A non-indigenous genus)

247. Coleoptera: Attagenus trifasciatus (Banded Attagenus. Adventive)

248. Lepidoptera: Polia occulta = Eurois occulta (Great Brocade)

249. Hymenoptera: Ceraphron halidayi = Dendrocerus halidayi (Curtis)

250. Coleoptera: Ochthebius hibernicus = Ochthebius punctatus (Irish Ochthebius)

251. Coleoptera: Leiodes cinnamomea (Truffle Beetle)

252. Lepidoptera: Gortyna micacea = Hydraecia micacea (Rosy Rustic, Rosy Ear)

253. Hymenoptera: Sirex juvencus (Fir-destroying Wood-wasp)

254. Coleoptera: Notiophilus rufipes (Red-legged Notiophilus)

255. Coleoptera: Hypulus biflexuosus = Abdera biflexuosa (Double-banded Hyplexus)

256. Lepidoptera: Xylina exoleta = Xylena exsoleta (Large Sword-Grass, Cloudy Sword-grass)

257. Hymenoptera: Evania fulvipes (Curtis) = Brachygaster minutus (Yellow-footed Evania)

258. Coleoptera: Psammobius sulcicollis = Psammobius asper (Channel-necked Psammobius)

259. Coleoptera: Bolboceras mobilicornis = Odontaeus armiger (Many-horned Scarab)

260. Lepidoptera: Apamea haworthii = Celaena haworthii (Haworth’s Minor)

261. Hymenoptera: Astarta victor Curtis (Cimex destroyer), probably = A. boops

262. Coleoptera: Aphanisticus pusillus (Smallest Buprestid)

263. Coleoptera: Lycus minutus = Platycis minutus (Black-neck Lycus)

264. Lepidoptera: Thecla pruni = Strymonidia pruni (Black Hair-streak)

265. Hymenoptera: Myrmecina latreillii = Myrmecina graminicola (Isle of Wight Ant)

266. Coleoptera: Geotrupes laevis = Geotrupes vernalis (Smooth Dor, or Clock-beetle)

267. Coleoptera: Tillus unifasciatus (Tillinae: Tricoloured Tillus)

268. Lepidoptera: Glaea subnigra = Conistra ligula ab. subnigra (Dark Chestnut)

269. Hymenoptera: Cerceris laeta ( but cf. Cerceris arenaria)

270. Coleoptera: Opilus fasciatus = Tarsostenus univittatus (Shillingford’s Opilus)

271. Coleoptera: Apate capucinus = Bostrichus capucinus (Capuchin Beetle)

272. Lepidoptera: Tethea octogena = Tethea ocularis (Figure-of-eighty)

273. Hymenoptera: Philanthus androgynus = Philanthus triangulum

274. Coleoptera: Platycerus caraboides (Blue Lucanus. Mainland-European, extinct in Britain)

275. Coleoptera: Saperda atkinsoni = Saperda tremulae (Grove-end Longicorn: not indigenous, omitted from Pope’s Check List)

276. Lepidoptera: Acontia catena = Acontia nitidula (Brixton Beauty Moth). Improbably British, despite retention in check lists.

277. Diptera: Nycteribia latreillii = Nycteribia kolenatii (Small Bat-louse)

278. Coleoptera: Polydrusus speciosus = Polydrusus sericeus (Kimpton Weevil)

279. Coleoptera: Meloe brevicollis (Short-necked Oil-beetle)

280. Lepidoptera: Boarmia tetragonaria = Paradarisa (Ectropis) consonaria: (Brindled Square-spot, Square-spot)

281. Hemiptera: Ranatra linearis (Linear Water-scorpion)

282. Coleoptera: Lamprias cyanocephalus = Lebia cyanocephala (Black-knee Lamprias)

283. Coleoptera: Bitoma crenata (Saddle-back Bitoma)

284. Lepidoptera: Argyromiges autumnella = Lyonetia (Argyromiges) clerkella (Autumnal Argyromiges)

285. Diptera: Sphaeromias albomarginatus = Sphaeromias fasciatus (White-bordered Sphaeromias)

286. Coleoptera: Trichius variabilis = Gnoremus variabilis (8-spotted Oak-beetle)

287. Coleoptera: Masoreus luxatus = Masoreus wetterhalli (Portland Carabus)

288. Lepidoptera: Hypena crassalis (Beautiful Snout)

289. Hymenoptera: Chaenon anceps = Coelinius anceps (Yellow-bodied Ichneumon)

290. Lepidoptera: Argynnis aglaia var. (Dark Green Fritillary)

291. Coleoptera: Encocerus gibsoni = Ochthebius exsculptus (Gibson’s Enicocerus)

292. Coleoptera: Mononychus pseudacori = Mononychus punctumalbum (Single-clawed Weevil)

293. Orthoptera: Acheta sylvestris = Nemobius sylvestris (Wood Cricket)

294. Coleoptera: Elmis volkmari = Limnius volkmari (Volckmar’s Elmis Water-beetle)

295. Coleoptera: Callidium striatum = Asemum striatum (Kinnordy Cerambyx)

296. Lepidoptera: Zerynthia latentaria = Coenotephria salicata ssp. latentaria (Striped Twin-spot Carpet)

297. Hemiptera. Chorosoma arundinis (Sea-reed Cimex) = Chorosoma schillingii (the original generic description)

298. Coleoptera: Helops pallidus = Cylindrinotus pallidus (Welch Helops)

299. Coleoptera: Xylophilus oculatus = Aderus oculatus (Fly-headed Beetle)

300. Lepidoptera: Hipparchus smaragdarius = Thetidia smaragdaria (Essex Emerald Moth)

301. Hymenoptera: Cephus femoratus = Janus femoratus (Yellow-thighed Cephus)

302. Coleoptera: Pelophila borealis (Irish Nebria)

303. Coleoptera: Lesteva leachii = Deleaster dichrous (Leach’s Lesteva)

304. Lepidoptera: Paucalia woodiella = Euclemensia woodiella (Manchester Tinea)

305. Diptera: Sargus reaumuri = Sargus bipunctatus (Reaumur’s Fly)

306. Coleoptera: Ips 4-punctata = Glischrochilus quadripunctatus (4 Orange-spotted Ips)

307. Coleoptera: Hydraena testacea (Testaceous Hydraena)

308. Lepidoptera: Hadena cucubali = Hadena rivularis (~cucubali: Campion)

309. Hymenoptera: Platygaster boscii = Inostemma boscii

310. Coleoptera: Blemus micros = Tachys micros (Narrow Blemus)

311. Coleoptera: Latridius elongatus = Dienerella elongata (Elongated Latridius)

312. Lepidoptera: Scopula longipedalis = Dolicharthria punctalis (Long-legged China-mark)

313. Hemiptera: Centrotus genistae = Gargara genistae (Broom Tree-hopper)

314. Coleoptera: Sarrotrium muticum = Orthocerus clavicornis (Hairy-horned Beetle)

315. Coleoptera: Bryaxis sulcicollis = Trichonyx sulcicollis (Carlisle Pselaphus)

316. Lepidoptera: Hamearis lucina (Duke-of-Burgundy Fritillary)

317. Hymenoptera: Sparasion frontale = Sparasion frontalis (Horned Sparasion)

318. Coleoptera: Macroplea equiseti = Macroplea appendiculata (Cambridge Macroplea)

319. Coleoptera: Opatrum tibiale = Melanimon tibialis (Little Opatrum)

320. Lepidoptera: Simaethis myllerana = Choreutis myllerana (Miller’s Nettle-tap)

321. Hymenoptera: Microgaster alvearius = Protomicroplitis alvearius (Pretty Microgaster)

322. Coleoptera: Cafius fucicola (Sea-shore Cafius)

323. Coleoptera: Crioceris puncticollis = Lema cyanella (Spencean Crioceris)

324. Lepidoptera: Larissa imbutata = Carsia sororiata (Manchester Treble-bar)

325. Hymenoptera: Scelio rugulosus

326. Coleoptera: Blethisa multipuctata = Blethisa multipunctatum (Large-punctured Carabus)

327. Coleoptera: Nemosoma elongatum = Nemozoma elongatum (Elongated Nemosoma)

328. Lepidoptera: Ptilophora plumigera (Plumed Prominent)

329. Hymenoptera: Methoca ichneumonoides

330. Coleoptera: Calosoma sycophanta (Splendid Carabus)

331. Coleoptera: Tenebrio obscurus (Flour-beetle)

332. Lepidoptera: Psyche radiella = Epichnopteryx plumella (Woolly Case-bearer, Transparent Sweep)

333. Hymenoptera: Teleas elatior = Trimorus elatior

334. Coleoptera: Necrodes littoralis (Bent-legged Silpha)

335. Coleoptera: Simplocaria semistriata (Half-channelled Byrrhus)

336. Lepidoptera: Arcturus sparshalli = Trichioceras sparshalli (Arctiidae: Long-tailed Bombyx). Not British – specimen from Mr. Sparshall

337. Diptera: Beris geniculata (Pale-kneed Beris)

338. Lepidoptera: Apatura iris (Purple Emperor)

339. Coleoptera: Strongylus imperialis = Cryptarcha undulata (Spotted Strongylus)

340. Coleoptera: Sitaris humeralis = Apalus muralis (Bees’-nest Beetle)

341. Hymenoptera: Galesus fuscipennis = Psilus fuscipennis (Curtis)

342. Coleoptera: Gibbium scotias = Gibbium psylloides (Northern Ptinus)

343. Coleoptera: Hydroporus davisii = Oreodites davisi (Davisian Water-beetle)

344. Lepidoptera: Lepidocera birdella = Ochsenheimeria mediopectinellus (Liverpool Feather-horn)

345. Hymenoptera: Decatoma cooperi = Sycophila biguttata (Cooperian Decatoma)

346. Coleoptera: Leiochiton readii = Miscodera arctica (Readian Leiochiton)

347. Coleoptera: Oomorphus concolor = Lamprosoma concolor (Knotted-horned Byrrhus)

348. Lepidoptera: Triphaena consequa = Noctua comes ab. curtisii (Bute Yellow Underwing, Lesser Yellow Underwing)

349. Hymenoptera: Coelioxys vectis (Isle of Wight Coelioxys)

350. Coleoptera: Necrobia ruficollis (Red-necked Necrobia)

351. Coleoptera: Corynetes violaceus = Necrobia violacea (Blue Corynetes)

352. Lepidoptera: Carpocapsa leplastriana = Selania leplastriana (Leplastrier’s Piercer)

353. Hymenoptera: Xylonomus pilicornis = Xorides fuligator (Hairy horned Ichneumon)

354. Coleoptera: Dyschirius inermis = Dyschirius nitidus (Simple-legged Dischirius)

355. Coleoptera: Lycoperdina bovistae (Puff-ball Beetle)

356. Lepidoptera: Acosmetia fuscula = Lithacodia pygarga (Marbled White-spot)

357. Hymenoptera: Anthophora haworthana = Anthophora retusa (Haworthian Bee)

358. Coleoptera: Diaperis boleti (Orange-spotted Diaperis)

359. Coleoptera: Hydrochus elongatus (Elongated Hydrochus)

360. Lepidoptera: Pieris crataegi = Aporia crataegi (Black-veined White)

361. Hymenoptera: Saropoda bimaculata = Anthophora bimaculata (Two-spotted Saropoda)

362. Coleoptera: Leptura apicalis = Strangalia quadrifasciata (Horn-tipped Leptura)

363. Coleoptera: Uloma fagi = Alphitobius laevigatus (Bake-house beetle)

364. Lepidoptera: Orthotaenia turionella = Blartesthia turionella (Orange and Silver Ribbon)

365. Diptera: Leptomorphus walkeri (Southgate Crane-fly)

366. Coleoptera: Adimonia 4-maculata = Phyllobrotica quadrimaculata (Orange-and-black Galeruca)

367. Hymenoptera: Dasypoda swammerdamella = Dasypoda altercator (Swammerdam’s Bee)

368. Lepidoptera: Chelaria rhomboidella = Hypatema rhomboidella (Lobster-clawed Moth)

369. Hemiptera: Alydus calcaratus (Black-and-red Bellied Alydus)

370. Coleoptera: Luperus brassicae = Calomicrus circumfusus (Striped Galeruca)

371. Coleoptera: Galeruca viburni = Pyrrhalta viburni (Striped-legged Galeruca)

372*. Lepidoptera: Trochilium bembeciforme = Sphecia bembeciformis (Lunar Hornet Clearwing)

372**. Lepidoptera: Trochilium apiforme = Sesia apiformis (Hornet-moth)

373. Hymenoptera: Hylaeus dilatatus (Broad-horned Hylaeus) (but = Hylaeus annularis, Fitton et al.)

374. Coleoptera: Cetonia stictica (Spotted Chafer. A Mainland-European species)

375. Coleoptera: Serrocerus pectinatus = Xyletinus longitarsis (Serrated-horned Ptinus)

376. Lepidoptera: Anchylopera ustomaculana = Rhopobota ustomaculana (Loch Rannoch Tortrix, Rannoch Bell)

377. Diptera: Conops macrocephala = Conops quadrifasciatus (Yellow-banded Conops)

378. Lepidoptera: Orgyia gonostigma (Scarce Vapourer. = antiqua?)

379. Coleoptera: Scaphidium 4-maculatum = Scaphidium quadrimaculatum (Orange-spotted Scaphidium)

380. Hymenoptera: Cinetus dorsiger = Ismarus dorsiger

381. Hymenoptera: Lyda fasciata Curtis = Neurotoma saltuum (Barred Lyda)

382. Coleoptera: Lymexylon navale (Windsor Wood-borer)

383. Hymenoptera: Aphidius cirsii = Aphidius matricariae (Thistle-aphis Destroyer)

384. Lepidoptera: Acidalia degenaria = Idaea degeneraria (Portland Ribbon Wave)

385. Strepsiptera: Elenchus walkeri = Elenchus tenuicornis (Walkerian Stylopid)

386. Lepidoptera: Melitaea selene = Boloria (Argynnis) selene (Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary)

387. Coleoptera: *Anobium pertinax Linn. (Obstinate Death-watch Beetle). Binomial not located in 20th Century British checklists. Perhaps A. punctatum?

388. Hymenoptera: Stilpnus dryadum (Stilpnus of the Woods)

389. Hymenoptera: Agriotypus armatus (Spined Agriotypus)

390. Coleoptera: Oedemera sanguinicollis = Ischnomera sanguinicollis (Red-and-Green Oedemera)

391. Lepidoptera: Damophila trifolii = Coleophora trifolii (Trefoil Thick-horned Tinea)

392. Hemiptera: Cicada anglica = Cicadetta montana (New Forest Cicada)

393. Diptera: Phytomyza lateralis = Cerodontha lateralis? (Feverfew Phytomyza)

394. Coleoptera: Spercheus emarginatus (Notch-headed Hydrophilus)

395. Hymenoptera: Encyrtis vitis = Encyrtus swederi (Vine Encyrtus)

396. Lepidoptera: Ino statices = Adscita statices (Green Forester)

397. Diptera: Drapetis aterrima = Crossopalpus curvipes (Sea-coast Drapetis)

398. Coleoptera: Thanasimus formicarius (Ant-like Clerus)

399. Hymenoptera: Tryphon varitarsus = Hemiteles varitarsus (This being the name listed by Kloet and Hincks for Curtis’s Typhon varitarsus. Neither name seems to be listed by Fitton et al.)

400. Lepidoptera: Nudaria mundana (Muslin Footman)

401. Diptera: Tropidia rufomaculata = Tropidia scita (British Tropidia Hover-fly)

402. Coleoptera: Cis bidentatus (Double-horned Cis)

403. Hymenoptera: Helorus anomalipes (Red-legged Helorus)

404. Lepidoptera: Diphthera orion = Moma alpium (~ M. orion: Scarce Merveille-du-jour)

405. Diptera: Scatophaga scybalaria (Largest Dung-fly)

406. Coleoptera: Melolontha fullo = Polyphylla fullo (Kent Cockchaffer, a mainland-European species)

407. Hymenoptera: *Lampronota crenicornis Hal. mss. (According to Fitton et al., Lampronota Curtis = Lissonata, but they do not list this specific name)

408. Lepidoptera: Oecophora sulphurella = Esperia sulphurella (Yellow Underwinged Thick-horn)

409. Diptera: Dixa nebulosa (Clouded-winged Crane-fly)

410. Coleoptera: Lomechusa dentata = Dinarda maerkeli (Dentated Staphylinus)

411. Hymenoptera: Mymar pulchellum Curtis (Feather-winged Mymar)

412*. Lepidoptera: Yponomeuta echiella = Ethmia bipunctella (Viper’s Bugloss Moth)

412**. Lepidoptera: Yponomeuta pusiella = Ethmia pusiella (Gromwell Moth)

413. Diptera: Ephydra spiota = Ilythea spilota (Spotted-winged Ephydra)

414. Coleoptera: Copris lunaris (Lunar-headed Dung-beetle)

415. Hymenoptera: Zele albitarsus = Zemiotes albiditarsus (White-footed Ichneumon)

416. Lepidoptera: Melanippe blomeri = Discoloxia blomeri (Blomer’s Rivulet)

417. Siphonoptera: Ceratophyllus elongatus = Ischnopsyllus elongatus (Yellow Bat’s Flea)

418. Coleoptera: Oxyporus maxillosus = Creophilus maxillosus (Scarce Oxyporus)

419. Hymenoptera: Nomada dalii Curtis = Nomada sheppardana (Charmouth Wasp-bee)

420. Lepidoptera: Cerostoma annulatella = Rhigognostis annulatella (Ringed Diamond-back, Annulated Smudge)

421. Diptera: Hippobosca equina (Horse-fly or Ked)

422. Coleoptera: Arcopagus puncticollis = Bryaxis puncticollis (Punctured-necked Pselaphus)

423. Hymenoptera: Foenus assectator = Gasteruption assectator (Short-tailed Foenus)

424. Lepidoptera: *Psodos equestrata (Gold Four-spot Moth. Specimen from Mr. Plastead’s cabinet” - not British? Cf. the montane mainland-European P. quadrifaria)

425. Diptera: Xylota bifasciata = Chalcosyrphus bifasciatus (Four-spotted Hover-fly)

426. Coleoptera: Cychrus rostratus = Cychrus caraboides ssp. rostratus (Long-headed Carabus)

427. Hymenoptera: Phagonia smaragdina = Halticoptera flavicornis (Emerald Phagonia)

428. Lepidoptera: Nola monachalis = Meganola strigula (Small Black Arches)

429. Diptera: Helophilus ruddii = Lejops vittatus (Yarmouth Hover-fly)

430. Coleoptera: Hypophlaeus bicolor = Corticeus bicolor (Black-and-red Hypophlaeus)

431. Lepidoptera: Trachea atriplex = Trachea atriplicis (Orache, Orache Brocade)

432. Diptera: Eristalis nubilipennis = Eristalis cryptarum (Beautiful Hover-Fly)

433. Strepsiptera: Halictophorus curtisii = Halictophagus curtisi (Lulworth Stylopid)

434. Lepidoptera: Endromis versicolor = Endromis versicolora (Kentish Glory)

435. Coleoptera: Cardiapus mathewsii = Mantura matthewsi (Matthews’s Haltica)

436. Hymenoptera: *Emphytus fasciatus (Banded Tenthredo)

437. Diptera: Phora abdominalis = Diploneura florescens (Red-bodied Phora)

438. Coleoptera: Tasgius rufipes = Staphylinus pedator (Red-legged Staphylinus)

439. Orthoptera: Acrydium subulatum = Tetrix subulata

440. Lepidoptera: Leptogramma irrorana = Acleris (Peronea) literana (Sprinkled Rough-wing)

441. Diptera: Oxycera morrisii (Lyme Regis Oxycera)

442. Lepidoptera: Hesperia actaeon = Thymelicus acteon (Lulworth Skipper)

443. Coleoptera: Callicerus spencii = Callicerus obscurus (Spencean Staphylinus)

444. Diptera: Molophilus brevipennis = Molophilus ater (Short-winged Mountain Gnat)

445. Hemiptera: Asiraca pulchella = Araeopus pulchellus (Pretty Asiraca)

446. Coleoptera: Carabus exasperatus = Carabus violaceus (Portland Carabus)

447. Lepidoptera: Ephyra pictaria = Aleucis distinctata (Kent Mocha)

448. Hymenoptera: Lasioglossum tricingulum Curtis (Long-tongued Melitta), = Halictus xanthopus. This is the type description of Lasioglossum Curtis, but this species was referred to Lasioglossum xanthopum (Kirby) by Fitton et al., and subsequently transferred to Halictus. The Curtis illustration is complemented by details from Halictus rubicundus.

449. Hemiptera: Issus coleoptratus (Variegated Issus)

450. Coleoptera: Aspidophorus orbiculatus (Sphindidae. Orbicular Dermestes)

451. Lepidoptera: Cerapteryx hibernicus = Cerapteryx graminis ab. hibernicus (Antler)

452. Diptera: Volucella inflata (Inflated Hover-fly)

453. Hemiptera: Coranus subapterus (Sea-side Reduvius)

454. Coleoptera: Drypta emarginata = Drypta dentata (Blue Drypta)

455. Lepidoptera: Aglossa streatfieldii = Aglossa pinguinalis (Mendip Tabby)

456. Orthoptera: Gryllotalpa vulgaris = Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa (Mole-cricket)

457. Hymenoptera: Cladius pilicornis = Priophorus pilicornis (Simple Hairy-horned Cladius)

458. Coleoptera: Harpalus ruficeps = Harpalus latus (Red-headed Harpalus)

459. Lepidoptera: Nonagria vectis Curtis = Rhizedra lutosa (Isle of Wight Wainscot. The identity is fairly obvious, although the synonym is omitted from the standard Check Lists)

460. Hymenoptera: Oryssus coronatus = Oryssus abietinus (A mainland-European species)

461. Hemiptera: Cercopis vulnerata (Black-legged Frog-hopper)

462. Coleoptera: Falagria thoracica (Red-thoraxed Staphylinus)

463. Lepidoptera: Adela frischella = Coleophora frischella (Frisch’s Case-moth)

464. Hymenoptera: Mesochorus sericans = Astiphromma sericans

465. Hemiptera: Pyrrhocoris apterus (Masked Bug)

466. Coleoptera: Elophorus fennicus = Helophorus rufipes (Broad Elophorus)

467. Lepidoptera: Aspitates gilvaria (Straw Belle)

468. Hymenoptera: Psithyrus rupestris (Black-winged Bumble-bee)

469. Diptera: Borborus hamatus = Crumomyia nomata (Toothed Borborus Fly)

470. Coleoptera: Hister 4-maculatus = Hister quadrimaculatus (Lunar-spotted Mimic-beetle)

471. Lepidoptera: Adactylus bennetii = Agdistis staticis (Sea-side Plume)

472. Hymenoptera: Smiera macleanii = Chalcis biguttata (Essex Chalcis)

473. Diptera: Drosophila cameraria (Hairy-thoraxed Cellar-fly)

474. Coleoptera: Hallomenus flexuosus = Abdera flexuosa (Banded Hallomenus)

475. Lepidoptera: Ophiusa lusoria = Lygephila pastinum (Black-neck)

476. Hymenoptera: Leiophron apicalis (Black-tailed Leiophron)

477. Diptera: Tachydromia arrogans (Black-banded Tachydromia)

478. Coleoptera: Synodendron cylindricum (Cylindrical Lucanus)

479. Lepidoptera: Gracillaria anastomosis = Caloptilia (Gracillaria) syringella (Lilac Slender-moth)

480. Hymenoptera: Oxybelus argentatus

481. Hemiptera: Lygaeus equestris (Black-and-red Bug)

482. Lepidoptera: Smerinthus ocellatus = Smerinthus ocellata (Eyed Hawk)

483. Coleoptera: Mordella abdominalis = Mordellistena abdominalis (Red-bodied Mordella)

484. Ephemeroptera: Baetis dispar = Ecdyonurus dispar (Dissimilar May-fly)

485. Diptera: Cordylura livens = Hydromyza livens (Water-lily Cordylura Fly)

486. Coleoptera: Macronema unimaculata = Psilliodes chalcomera (Thigh-spotted Altica)

487. Lepidoptera: Cochleophasia tessellea = Taleporia tessellea (Large Birch Bright)

488. Trichoptera: Limnephilus elegans (Elegant Grannom, Caddis-fly)

489. Diptera: Opetia lonchopteroides = Opetia nigra (Lonchoptera-like Opetia)

490. Coleoptera: Lucanus cervus (Stag Beetle)

491. Lepidoptera: Cochylis rupicola = Cochylidia rupicola (Chalk-cliff Tortrix, Conch)

492. Hemiptera: Livia juncorum (Rush Jumping-louse)

493. Diptera: Tipula longicornis = Tipula flavolineata (Long-horned Long-legs)

494. Coleoptera: Donacia typhae (Reed-mace Donacia), = Donacia vulgaris; with dissections from D. cincta Germ.

495. Lepidoptera: Hydrocampa stratiota = Parapoynx stratiotata (Ringed China-mark)

496. Hymenoptera: Diodontus gracilis = Passaloecus gracilis

497. Lepidoptera: Acentropus garnonsii = Acentria nivea (False-caddis Water-veneer)

498. Coleoptera: Tritoma bipustulatum = Tritoma bipustulata (Double-spotted Tritoma)

499. Lepidoptera: Callimorpha jacobaeae = Tyria jacobaeae (Cinnabar)

500. Hemiptera: Atractus literatus = Arenocoris fallenii (Lettered Coreus)

501. Diptera: Tanypus nebulosus = Anatopynia nebulosa (Clouded-winged Midge)

502. Coleoptera: Mycetaea hirta (Hairy Cellar-beetle)

503. Lepidoptera: Asopia pictalis, Pyralis pictalis (Poplar Pyralis)

504. Hymenoptera: Heriades truncorum (Larger Heriades)

505. Diptera: Platystoma seminationis (Spotted Flat-headed Fly)

506. Coleoptera: Helodes beccabungae = Prasocuris junci (Blue Helodes)

507. Hymenoptera: Hecabolus sulcatus (4-stigmared Ichneumon)

508. Lepidoptera: Ourapteryx sambucaria (Swallow-tailed Moth)

509. Diptera: Scaeva unicolor = Scaeva pyrastri (Concolourous Hover-fly)

510. Coleoptera: Cucujus spartii = Cryptolestes spartii (Broom Cucujus)

511. Lepidoptera: Nemaxera corticella (Bark Clothes Moth, Gold-speckled Clothes-moth)

512. Hymenoptera: *Rogas balteatus (Red-and-black Rhogas, Braconidae), = ?

513. Diptera: Heleodromia bistigma (Stigma-spotted Heleodromia)

514. Coleoptera: Homalota dimidiata = Hygronoma dimidiata (Ochre-banded Staphylinus)

515. Lepidoptera: Abraxas ulmata = Abraxas sylvata (Scarce or Clouded Magpie)

516. Hymenoptera: Epeolus variegatus

517. Diptera: Rhamphomyia pennata = Rhamphomyia barbata (Feather-legged Dancing Fly)

518. Coleoptera: Sphaereidium 4-maculatum = Sphaeridium scarabaeoides (4-spotted Dung Beetle)

519. Lepidoptera: Thera coniferata = Thera cognata (Durham Juniper Moth)

520. Neuroptera: Chrysopa abbreviata (Short-winged Green Lacewing, Golden-eye)

521. Diptera: Phthiria pulicaria (Sea-shore Bee-fly)

522. Coleoptera: Hylesinus scaber = Hylesinus oleiperda (Rough Hylesinus)

523. Lepidoptera: Hyria auroraria = Idaea muricata (Purple-bordered Gold)

524. Hymenoptera: Gorytes bicinctus

525. Diptera: Haematopota italica = Haematopoa grandis? (Mersey Island Clegg)

526. Coleoptera: Anisoplia suturalis = Phyllopertha horticola (Sutherland Bracken-clock)

527. Lepidoptera: Pyralis cribralis = Microchilo cribrumalis (Dotted Fan-foot)

528. Neuroptera: Coniopteryx psociformis = Conwentzia psociformis

529. Diptera: Miltogramma punctata (Colletes’ Attendant, or Bees’-nest Fly)

530. Lepidoptera: Pygaera bucephala = Phalera bucephala (Buff-tip)

531. Coleoptera: Hygrotus decoratus (Ornamented Hygrotus)

532. Hymenoptera: Sapyga clavicornis (Club-horned Sapyga)

533. Diptera: Gonia ruficeps = Gonia picea (Red-headed Gonia)

534. Coleoptera: Emus hirtus (Humble-bee Staphylinus)

535. Lepidoptera: Harpipteryx scabrella = Ypsolopha scabrella (Wainscot Hooktip, Wainscot Smudge)

536. Hymenoptera: Pezomachus hopei = Agrothereutes abbreviator (Short-winged Ichneumon)

537. Diptera: Culex guttatus = Aedes guttatus (White-spotted Mosquito)

538. Coleoptera: Nothus bipunctatus = Osphya bipunctata (Twin-spotted Nothus, and var.)

539. Lepidoptera: Hapalia praecox = Ochropleura praecox (Portland Moth, Portland Dart)

540. Trichoptera: Agrypnia pagetana (Yarmouth Grannom, Caddis-fly)

541. Diptera: Porphyrops wilsoni = Raphium melegantulum (Bute Porphyrops)

542. Coleoptera: Lixus angustatus (Narrowed Lixus Weevil), = Lixus pulverentulus (a mainland-European species)

543. Lepidoptera: Batia lunaris (Lesser Tawny Crescent)

544. Trichoptera: Polycentropus irroratus = Crunoecia irrorata (Many-spotted Caddis-fly)

545. Diptera: Helomyza rufa = Suilla rufa (Red-thoraxed Helomyza)

546. Coleoptera: Antherophagus simiis = Antherophagus pallens (Punctured Antherophagus)

547. Lepidoptera: Zygaena filipendulae (Six-spot Burnet)

548. Hemiptera: Acanthia pulchella = Halosalda pulchella (Beautiful Acanthia)

549. Diptera: Musca chloris = Neomyia chloris (Green-cheeked Fly)

550. Coleoptera: Acalles roboris (Oak Achalles Weevil)

551. Lepidoptera: *Spilonota marmorana (Marbled Dog’s-tooth Tortrix). Stainton’s Spilonota doesn’t include this species, or anything that matches it. Bradley et al. list it as a queried synonym of Acleris maccana.

552. Hymenoptera: Callimome subterraneus = Torymus nobilis (Cynips Parasite)

553. Hemiptera: *Gerris apicalis Curtis (Black-tipped Under-wing Pond-skater)

554. Coleoptera: Brachinus scolpeta (Single-spotted Bombardier Beetle)

555. Lepidoptera: Platypteryx falcataria = Drepana falcataria (Pebble Hook-tip)

556. Blattodea: Blatta lapponica = Ectobius lapponicus (Lapland Cockroach)

557. Diptera: Erioptera crassipes = Molophilus obscurus (Short-legged Crane-fly)

558. Coleoptera: Pachyrhinus comari = Phytobius comari (Marsh Cinqfoil Weevil)

559. Lepidoptera: Nascia cilialis (Orange-rayed Pearl)

560. Dermaptera: *Forficula borealis (Northern Earwig), probably = F. auricularia

561. Trichoptera: Chimarra marginata (Marginated Caddis-fly)

562. Coleoptera: Anthonomus pomorum (Pear-and-apple Weevil)

563. Lepidoptera: Odontia dentalis = Cynaeda dentalis (Starry Brindle, Starry Brindled Pearl)

564. Hymenoptera: *Bombus ericetorum (Heath Humble-bee, Bumble-bee), cf. male Bombus subterraneus (seemingly not the Mainland-European B. hypnorum ssp. ericetorum).

565. Hemiptera: Psylla fraxini = Psyllopsis fraxini (Ash Chermes, Jumping-louse)

566. Coleoptera: Catops dissimulator = Catops morio (Dissembling Catops)

567. Lepidoptera: Penthina grevillana = Apotomis sauciana grevillana (Sutherland Long-cloak, Greville’s Marble)

568. Diptera: Rhaphium macrocerum = Rhaphium monotrichum (Long-horned Rhaphium)

569. Hemiptera: Cimex lectularius (Bed-bug)

570. Coleoptera: Endomychus coccineus (Scarlet Endomychus)

571. Lepidoptera: Paedisca semifasciana = Apotomis semifasciana (Short-barred Grey Marble)

572. Hemiptera: Amblycephalus germari Curtis = Evacanthus acminatus (Burdock Frog-hopper)

573. Diptera: Geranomyia unicolor (Long-lipped Crane-fly)

574. Coleoptera: Trox sabulosus (Sand-loving Trox)

575. Lepidoptera: Halias quercana = Bena bicolorana (Scarce Green Silver Lines)

576. Hemiptera: Cinara roboris = Lachnus roboris (Clouded-winged Oak Aphis)

577. Hemiptera: Aphis tiliae = Eucallipterus tiliae (Lime-tree Aphis)

578. Lepidoptera: Papilio podalirius = Iphiclides podalirius (Scarce Swallow-tail)

579. Coleoptera: Rhizophagus bipustulatus

580. Hymenoptera: Mellinus sabulosus = Mellinus sabulosa

581. Diptera: Messala saundersii = Bolitophila saundersii Curtis

582. Coleoptera: Clythra tridentata = Labidostomis tridentata

583. Lepidoptera: Philacea juliana = Pammene fasciana (Bentley’s Marbled Tortrix)

584. Hymenoptera: Alyson kennedii Curtis, cf. Alysson sp.? (perhaps adventive)

585. Diptera: Ornithomyia fringillina = Ornithomya fringillina Curtis

586. Coleoptera: Bolitophagus agricola = Eledona agricola

587. Lepidoptera: Galleria mellonella (Honeycombe Moth)

588. Hymenoptera: Banchus farrani Curtis = Banchus volutatorius

589. Diptera: Peronecera fuscipennis = Hexatoma fuscipennis (Curtis)

590. Coleoptera: Pyrochroa coccinea

591. Lepidoptera: Euplocamus mediellus = Morophaga boleti (Boletus Tinea)

592. Trichoptera: Phryganea minor = Trichostegia minor (Curtis)

593. Diptera: Paragus sigillatus Curtis = Paragus haemorrhous

594. Coleoptera: Cistela ceramboides = Pseudocistela ceramboides

595. Lepidoptera. Heliothis scutosa = Schinia scutosa (Marbled Wormwood Moth)

596. Hymenoptera: Stenocera walkeri Curtis = Stenoceroides walkeri (Curtis)

597. Hemiptera: Heterogaster laticeps Curtis = Henestaris laticeps (Curtis)

598. Coleoptera: Lagria hirta

599. Lepidoptera: Bactra pauperana = Epiblema pauperana

600. Hymenoptera: Ophion ventricosus

601. Trichoptera: Hydropsyche fulvipes Curtis

602. Coleoptera: Elodes pini = Hydrocyphon deflexicollis

603. Lepidoptera: Electra albocrenata Curtis = Electrophaes corylata (Durham Carpet)

604. Hymenoptera: Ammophila campestris Lat. = Ammophila pubescens Curtis

605. Diptera: Sapromyza litura = Peplomyza litura

606. Coleoptera: Paramecosoma bicolor = Paramecosoma melanocephalum

607. Lepidoptera: Incurvaria masculella (Feathered Diamond-back)

608. Orthoptera: *Locusta christii, = Locusta migratoria?

609. Diptera: Scenopinus rugosus = Scenopinus niger

610. Coleoptera: Philonthus marginatus

611. Lepidoptera: Pachycnemia hippocastanaria (Horse Chestnut Moth)

612. Hemiptera: *Rhyparochromus maculipennis Curtis

613. Diptera: Bombylius major

614: Coleoptera: Holoparamecus depressus Curtis

615. Lepidoptera: Nyssia zonaria = Lycia zonaria ssp. britannica (Belted Beauty)

616. Odonata: Cordulia curtisii = Oxygastra curtisii

617. Hymenoptera: Athalia spinarum = Athalia rosae (Turnep Saw-fly)

618. Coleoptera: Byturus tomentosus

619. Lepidoptera: Phlogophora lucipara = Euplexia lucipara (Small Angle-shades)

620. Hemiptera: Acucephalus tricinctus Curtis = Aphrodes f. tricinctus

621. Diptera: Lucina fasciata = Salticella fasciata

622. Coleoptera: Omophlus armeriae Curtis = Omophlus rufitarsis

623. Lepidoptera: Phibalapteryx virgata (The Oblique-striped)

624. Hymenoptera: Pristomerus vulnerator (Panz.) – a Curtis genus

625. Hemiptera: Livilla ulicis Curtis

626. Lepidoptera: Daphnis nerii (Rose-Bay Sphinx, Oleander Hawk)

627. Coleoptera: Gymnaetron graminis = Miarus graminis

628. Hymenoptera: Chelostoma florisomnis = Chelostoma florisomne

629. Diptera: Ocyptera brassicaria = Cylindromyia brassicaria

630. Coleoptera: Altica ochripes = Phyllotreta ochripes

631. Lepidoptera. Stilbia anomalata = Stilbia anomala (False Footman, The Anomalous)

632. Hymenoptera: *Pemphredon unicolor = Psen littoralis or Psen spooneri

633. Hemiptera: Aphrodes sabulicola Curtis, = Psammotettix sabulicola

634. Coleoptera: Erirhinus aethiops = Notaris aethiops

635. Lepidoptera: Scopelosoma satellitia = Eupsilia transversa (The Satellites Moth)

636. Hemiptera: Iassus reticulatus Curtis = Oncopsis flavicollis

637. Diptera: Macrocera stigma Curtis

638. Coleoptera: Quedius lateralis

639. Lepidoptera: Lampronia luzella (Four-spotted Purple Tinea)

640. Hemiptera: *Eupteryx ornatipennis Curtis (Curtis genus, binomial not located)

641. Diptera: Sciophila sylvatica = Tetragoneura sylvatica (Curtis)

642. Coleoptera: Rhynchites similis, cf. R. olivaceus

643. Lepidoptera: Zerene plumbata Curtis = Plemyria rubiginata ssp. plumbata (Blue-bordered Carpet)

644. Hymenoptera: Mesoleptus waltoni Curtis = Sympherta fusicornis

645. Diptera: Leia pulchella = Allocotocera pulchella (Curtis)

646. Coleoptera: Ptinus 6-punctatus = Ptinus sexpunctatus

647. Lepidoptera: Venilia quadrimaculata = Pseudopanthera macularia (Speckled Yellow, ab. quadrimaculata)

648. Psocoptera: *Psocus fenestratus Curtis

649. Diptera: Ortalis guttata = Otites guttatus

650. Coleoptera: Lathrobium terminatum

651. Lepidoptera: Caradrina bilinea = Charanyca trigrammica (Treble Lines)

652. Hymenoptera: Trypoxylon clavicerum

653. Diptera: Chrysotoxum octomaculatum Curtis

654. Coleoptera: Hylecoetus dermestoides

655. Lepidoptera: Aplota robertsonella Curtis = Anarsia spartiella (Wanstead Grey)

656. Hymenoptera: Rhopalum tibiale = Rhopalum coarctatum

657. Hemiptera: Delphax longipennis = Stenocranus longipennis (Curtis)

658. Coleoptera: Cantharis vesicatoria = Lytta vesicatoria

659. Lepidoptera. Euclidia glyphica (Burnet Companion)

660. Hymenoptera: Euceros albitarsus Curtis

661. Diptera: Hybos pilipes = Hybos grossipes

662. Coleoptera: Sphaeriestes foveolatus = Rabocerus gabrieli

663. Lepidoptera: Chrysocorys scissella = Schreckensteinia festaliella

664. Hymenoptera: Tiphia minuta

665. Diptera: Stomoxys siberita = Prosena siberita

666. Coleoptera: Argutor longicollis = Pterostichus longicollis

667. Lepidoptera: Ennomos angularia = Ennomos quercaria (Clouded August Thorn, doubtfully British)

668. Hymenoptera: Cryptus bellosus Curtis = Aritranis bellosus (Odynerus Ichneumon)

669. Diptera: Pipiza biguttata Curtis = Trichopsomyia flavitarsis

670. Coleoptera: Centorhynchus geranii = Zacladus geranii

671. Lepidoptera: Cleodora cytisella Curtis = Monochroa cytisella (Curtis)

672. Hymenoptera: Chelonus wesmaelii Curtis

673. Hemiptera: Cixius dionysii = Cixius cunicularius

674. Lepidoptera: Stauropus fagi (Lobster Moth)

675. Coleoptera: Nitidula colon = Omosita colon

676. Hemiptera: Ledra aurita

677. Diptera: Myopa fulvipes = Thecophora fulvipes

678. Coleoptera: Orchestes waltoni, probably = Rhynchaenus pratensis

679. Lepidoptera: Acrolepia betulella Curtis = Acrolepiosis betulella (Curtis), Durham Tinea

680. Hymenoptera: Crabro subpunctatus, probably = Crossocerus quadrimaculatus

681. Hemiptera: Hydroessa pygmaea = Microvelia pygmaea

682. Coleoptera: Dermestes lardarius

683. Lepidoptera: Lithomia solidaginis = Lithomoia solidaginis (Golden-rod Moth)

684. Hemiptera: Prostemma guttula

685. Hemiptera: Tetyra fuliginosa = Odontoscelis fuliginosa

686. Coleoptera: Trachys minuta

687. Lepidoptera: Porrectaria albicosta = Coleophora albicosta (Testaceous White-back)

688. Hymenoptera: Cynips nervosa Curtis = Diplolepis nervosa (Curtis)

689. Diptera: Trigonometopus frontalis

690. Coleoptera: Otiorhynchus maurus = Otiorhynchus nodosus

691. Lepidoptera: Siona dealbata = Siona lineata (Black-veined Moth)

692. Hymenoptera: Tenthredo cingulata = Strongylogaster lineata

693. Hemiptera: *Capsus hirtus Curtis, cf. Capsus ater (black form)

694. Coleoptera: Elater aterrimus = Megapenthes lugens

695. Lepidoptera: Alucita hexadactyla (Twenty-four Plume Moth)

696. Mecoptera: Panorpa germanica

697. Diptera: Phasia speciosa Curtis = Phasia obesa

698. Coleoptera: Lampyris noctiluca

699. Lepidoptera: Teras excavana = Acleris emargana

700. Hemiptera: Nepa cinerea (Water Scorpion)

701. Hemiptera: Miris tritici = Notostira elongata

702. Coleoptera: Typhaea fumata = Typhaea stercorea

703. Lepidoptera: Hybernia defoliaria = Erannis defoliaria (Mottled Umber)

704. Hemiptera: Aelia acuminata

705. Diptera: Rhagio heyshami Curtis = Rhagio notatus

706. Coleoptera: Triplax aenea

707. Lepidoptera: Eubolia cervinaria = Larentia clavaria (The Mallow)

708. Ephemeroptera: Ephemera cognata = Ephemera vulgata

709. Hemiptera: Harpocera burmeisteri Curtis = Harpocera thoracica (Fallen)

710. Coleoptera: Attelabus curculionoides = Attelabus nitens

711. Lepidoptera: Zeiraphera hastiana = Olindia schumacherana

712. Odonata: Libellula rubicunda, probably = Leucorrhinia dubia

713. Diptera: Leptis diadema, probably = Chrysopilus asiliformis

714. Coleoptera: Anthicus tibialis = Anthicus instabilis

715. Lepidoptera: Clostera anachoreta (Scarce Chocolate-tip)

716. Trichoptera: Molanna angustata Curtis

717. Hemiptera: *Coccus aceris, = Aleurochiton aceris (but cf. Eulecanium tiliae)

718. Coleoptera: Phytosus spinifer Curtis

719. Lepidoptera: Ederesa semitestacella Curtis = Argyresthia semitestacella (Curtis), Testaceous White-back

720. Hymenoptera: Bethylus fulvicornis Curtis = Bethylus fuscicornis

721. Diptera: Heteroneura albimana = Anthomyza albimana

722. Lepidoptera: Zeuzera aesculi = Zeuzera pyrina (Wood Leopard Moth)

723. Coleoptera: Platyrhinus latirostris = Anthribus resinosus

724. Hymenoptera: Cleptes nitidula = Cleptes nitidulus

725. Diptera: Platycephala planifrons

726. Coleoptera: Anthribus albinus = Platystomos albinus

727. Lepidoptera. Chilo lanceolellus = Schoenobius (Donacaula) forficella (Lance-winged Veneer)

728. Hymenoptera: Ichneumon amatorius = Triptognathus amatorius

729. Diptera: Nemotelus nigrinus

730. Coleoptera: Haliplus ferrugineus = Haliplus fulvus

731. Lepidoptera: Plusia illustris = Euchalcia variabilis (Purple Shades, Purple Shaded Gem)

732. Odonata: Agrion rubellum = Ceriagrion tenellum

733. Hemiptera: Idiocerus maculipennis Curtis = Idiocerus lituratus

734. Coleoptera: Trogosita mauritanica = Tenebroides mauritanicus

735. Lepidoptera: Laverna ochraceella Curtis = Mompha ochraceella (Curtis)

736. Hymenoptera: Therion amictum = Heteropelma amictum

737. Diptera: Baccha elongata

738. Coleoptera: Aromia moschata

739. Lepidoptera: Notodonta dromedarius (Iron Prominent)

740. Hymenoptera: Spalangia nigra

741. Hemiptera: *Tingis oxyacanthae Curtis, probably = Physatocheila dumetorum

742. Coleoptera: Silpha opaca = Aclypea opaca

743. Lepidoptera: Diurnea novembris = Diurnea lipsiella (phryganella) (November Dagger)

744. Hymenoptera: Proctotrupes areolator = Disogmus areolator

745. Diptera: Psychoda sexpunctata = Tinearia alternata

746. Coleoptera: Prionus coriarius

747. Lepidoptera: Macroglossa stellatarum = Macroglossum stellatarum (Humming-bird Hawk)

748. Hemiptera: Thrips dispar = Baliothrips dispar

749. Diptera: Eumerus litoralis Curtis = Eumerus sabulonum

750. Coleoptera: Rhagium inquisitor = Rhagium mordax

751. Lepidoptera: Eriocephala calthella = Micropteryx calthella (Marsh Marygold Moth)

752. Hymenoptera: Formica rufa (Red, Hill or Horse Ant, or Pismire)

753. Diptera: Syrphus lucorum

754. Coleoptera: Bruchus ater = Bruchidius ater

755. Lepidoptera: Drymonia dodonaea (Kitten Likeness, Marbled Brown)

756. Hymenoptera: Ceropales variegatus = Ceropales variegata

757. Diptera: Pipunculus pratorum = Pipunculus thomsoni

758. Coleoptera: Staphylinus pubescens

759. Lepidoptera: Venusia cambrica Curtis (Welsh Wave)

760. Hymenoptera: Vespa rufa = Vespula rufa (Anchor-faced Wasp)

761. Diptera: Lonchoptera flavicauda = Lonchoptera lutea

762. Coleoptera: Tachyporus littoreus = Sepedophilus littoreus

763: Lepidoptera: Tortrix galiana = Aphelia viburnana (Sweet Gale Tortrix)

764. Hymenoptera: Allantus flavipes Fourc., probably = Elinora dominiquei, = Tenthredo baetica dominiquei

765. Diptera: Simulium trifasciatum Curtis

766. Coleoptera: Baris analis

767. Lepidoptera. Hypogymna monacha = Lymantria monacha (Black Arches)

768. Diptera: Hydrotaea ciliata = Hydrotaea diabolus

769. Hymenoptera: Apis mellifica = Apis mellifera (Common Hive Bee, Honey Bee)