British Insects: the families of Caddis flies (Trichoptera)


L. Watson and M. J. Dallwitz

Phryganeidae Burm.

Adults. Antennae about as long as the fore-wings (if shorter, only slightly so). Ocelli present. Maxillary palps scarcely pubescent, 4 segmented (in males), or 5 segmented (in females, similar in form in both sexes). The maxillary palps of males 4 segmented. Maxillary palps filiform, with cylindrical segments; the terminal segment inflexible, not multi-articulated, not annulated, and not much elongated.

The fore-wings 10–27 mm long; with a discoidal cell; apical forks 4 (1, 2, 3 and 5, in males and some females), or 5 (some females with 4 as well). The hind-wings similar in width to the fore-wings to wider than the fore-wings; with a discoidal cell; apical forks 3 (1, 2 and 5 in males and some females), or 4 (some females with 3 as well).

Front tibia 2 spurred. Middle tibia 4 spurred. Hind tibia 4 spurred.

Larvae. The larvae constructing and living in transportable cases. The larval case constructed of vegetable matter arranged spirally, open at both ends (but not carried about by the larva, as in Triaenodes bicolor). The larvae eruciform. The anterior margin of the pronotum very heavily sclerotized. The mesonotum entirely membranous. The metanotum entirely membranous.

British representation. 10 species. Genera: Agrypnetes, Agrypnia, Oligotricha, Phryganea, Trichostegia.

Illustrations. • Agrypnia pagetana Curtis (Yarmouth Grannom, Caddis-fly: B. Ent. 540). • Agrypnia pagetana (B. Ent. 540, legend+text). • Agrypnia pagetana (B. Ent. 540, legend cont.). • Trichostegia minor (Curtis): B. Ent. 592. • Trichostegia minor (Curtis): B. Ent. 592, legend+text. • Trichostegia minor (Curtis): B. Ent. 592, text cont.. • Agrypnia, Phryganea: wing venation. • Wings of assorted Trichoptera. • Oligotricha and Phryganea: larvae and case.

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