British Insects: Pug moths (Lepidoptera-Geometridae)


L. Watson and M. J. Dallwitz

Implicit Attributes

Unless indicated otherwise, the following attributes are implicit throughout the descriptions, except where the characters concerned are inapplicable.

Adults. Thorax neither white nor white-striped.

The forewing patterning not restricted to dark discal or costal and discal spots; without a predominant anterior-median triangle of dark spots. The discal mark not whitish-edged. Forewings without a tornal spot. Forewing fringes not chequered.

The termen of the hindwings smooth; convexly rounded; apex smoothly rounded into the costa; hindwings without a pale tornal spot.

The abdomen not reddish towards the base; plain.

Neuration. Forewing and hindwing neuration layout not conspicuously darkened. Vein 10 of the forewings arising out of 11 and anastomosing with 9 to form a simple areole.

Genitalia. The male abdomen with a sclerotized plate under the eighth segment. The bursa copulatrix conspicuously ornamented; not ornamented exclusively by one or two narrow, curved transverse rows of tiny spines.

Melanism. Melanic imagines unlikely to be encountered.

Special key characters. Forewings without a conspicuous broad median fascia from costa to dorsum; without a conspicuous oblique pale fascia; without a postmedian line bearing arrow-like markings; not dominated by double ante- and postmedian lines. Hindwings not predominantly green, yellow, or black.

To view the illustrations with detailed captions, go to the interactive key. This also offers full and partial descriptions, diagnostic descriptions, differences and similarities between taxa, lists of taxa exhibiting or lacking specified attributes, and distributions of character states within any set of taxa.

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