British Insects: the Genera of Orthoptera


L. Watson and M. J. Dallwitz

Implicit Attributes

Unless indicated otherwise, the following attributes are implicit throughout the descriptions, except where the characters concerned are inapplicable.

The body and legs not covered with minute scales. Adults winged (with detectable fore- and/or hindwings, regardless of the capacity for flight).

The antennae not thickened towards the tip. The pronotum not extended backwards over the abdomen. Forewings well developed. Hindwings fully developed and functional for flight; not pale blue. Forelegs not modified for digging. Females with a functional ovipositor.

To view the illustrations with detailed captions, go to the interactive key. This also offers full and partial descriptions, diagnostic descriptions, differences and similarities between taxa, lists of taxa exhibiting or lacking specified attributes, and distributions of character states within any set of taxa.

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