British Insects: the Families of Orthoptera


L. Watson and M. J. Dallwitz

Exotics and rare migrants

British representation. The following casually introduced or migratory species (and no doubt others) may occasionally be encountered in Britain. Acrididae: Anacridium aegytium (Egyptian Grasshopper); Calliptamus italicus (Italian locust); Euchorthippus pulvinatus (Jersey Grasshopper - widespread in southern Jersey); Gomphocerus sibiricus L.; Locusta migratoria L. (Migratory locust); Oedipoda caerulescens (Blue-winged Grasshopper - native in the Channel Islands); Pachytylus cinerascens Fab.; Pezotettix pedester L.; Schistocerca gregaria (Desert Locust). Gryllidae: Gryllus bimaculatus (Southern Field-cricket); Gryllodes sigillatus (Tropical House-cricket). Rhaphidophoridae: Dolichopoda bormansi. Tettigoniidae: Arhenotettix spp.; Cosmoderus maculatus (Prickly Bush-cricket); Jamaicana subguttata (Mottle-winged Bush-cricket); Jamaicana flava; Mastophyllum scabricolle (Brown-winged Bush-cricket); Nesonotis tricornis; Phaneroptera falcata (Sickle-bearing Bush-cricket); Phlugiolopsis henryi. Established alien, or occasional migrant, or occasional casual introduction.

Found outdoors in natural habitats, or encountered in and around docks and warehouses, or in human habitations, or in hothouses.

Illustrations. • Exotic species occasionally recorded. • Locusta christii Curtis, = L. migratoria: B. Ent 608. • Locusta migratoria: B. Ent 608, legend+text. • Locusta migratoria: B. Ent 608, text cont.. • Calliptamus italicus (Italian locust: Shipley). • Schistocerca gregaria (Desert Locust: Shipley). • Locusta migratoria (Migratory Locust: Shaw and Nodder, 1791).

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