Insects of Britain and Ireland: the genera of Lepidoptera-Noctuidae

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L. Watson and M. J. Dallwitz

Schinia Hübner

Adults. Hindwings exhibiting vein 5. Vein 5 of the hindwings weak; arising nearer to vein 6 than to vein 4. Middle tibiae with spines. Posterior tibiae with spines.

British representation. 2 species. Status in Britain sporadic breeding immigrants, or vagrant (S. scutosa, represented by scattered records), or alien (S. rivulosa represented by an unconfirmed record “around 1909”). S. rivulosa (Scarce Meal-moth), S. scutosa (Spotted Clover).


Illustrations. • Schinia scutosa (Marbled Wormwood): B. Ent. 595. • Schinia scutosa : B. Ent. 595, legend+text. • Schinia scutosa : B. Ent. 595, text cont..

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