Insects of Britain and Ireland

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L. Watson and M. J. Dallwitz

Notes on the scanning of the images presented in this package

The JPEG illustrations provided here were designed for convenience of distribution and screen display. They were generated from higher-resolution TIFF images, which could be made available for worthwhile applications.

When the suite of Insects of Britain and Ireland packages was first prepared, Curtis’s plates were all routinely scanned at 150 dpi in their original layout. While this resolution often adequately displayed his representations of the adult insects and associated plants, it is inadequate for the small, black-and-white engravings of mouthparts, legs and other features of taxonomic interest presented towards the foot of each plate; hence the low resolution images were often supplemented by high resolution scans, confined of necessity to the insects themselves. All the plates have subsequently been re-scanned in their entirety at 300 dpi or 600 dpi, their backgrounds cleaned and the layouts re-organized to conserve space with screen display in mind; and each is now accompanied by scans of the accompanying text, which includes the legends.

Revised 7 June 2012