Insects of Britain and Ireland: the families of Hymenoptera

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L. Watson and M. J. Dallwitz



Adults medium sized to large; (8–)9–25 mm long.

Head. Antennal segments 4–7 (clubbed). Antennae without noticeable elongation of the third segment.

Thorax. Pronotum deeply indented or emarginate at the back. Cenchri present. Fore-wings with the venation well developed. Hind tibiae without specialised spurs.

Abdomen. The abdomen broadly sessile at its base, without a marked constriction. Ovipositor of females not visibly protruding; adapted as a saw.

Larvae. Larvae with segmented legs; phytophagous (sitting partly curled up on leaves, reconisable by a characteristic covering of waxy powder).

General comments. Adults broad bodied, with the abdomen dorso-ventrally compressed; the antennae distinctly clubbed.

British representation. Species in Britain 17; Abia, Cimbex, Trichiosoma and Zaraea being native, but dubious records only for Corynis and Pseudoclavellaria.

Classification. Suborder Symphyta; Superfamily Tenthredinoidea.

Illustrations. • Abia lonicerae (Black-horned Sawfly: B. Ent. 89). • Abia lonicerae (details: B. Ent. 89). • Abia lonicerae (dissections: B. Ent. 89). • Abia lonicerae: B. Ent. 89, legend+text. • Abia lonicerae: B. Ent. 89, text cont.. • Cimbex luteus (Ten-spotted Sawfly): B. Ent. 041. • Cimbex luteus: B. Ent. 041, legend+text. • Cimbex luteus: B. Ent. 041, text cont.. • Cimbex femoratus (Cameron II, v). female. 1a, head; 1b, antenna; 1c, tarsus. • Pseudoclavellaria amerinae (Yellow-margined Sawfly): B. Ent. 093. • Pseudoclavellaria amerinae: B. Ent. 093, legend+text. • Pseudoclavellaria amerinae: B. Ent. 093, text cont.. • Corynis crassicornis (Cameron II, v). female. 6a, head; 6b, antenna; 6c, labium; 6d, maxilla. • Pseudoclavellaria amerinae (Cameron II, v). female. 3a, head; 3b, antenna; 3c, labium; 3d, maxilla. • Trichiosoma vitelline (Orange-margined Sawfly): B. Ent. 049. • Trichiosoma vitelline: B. Ent. 049, legend+text. • Trichiosoma vitelline: B. Ent. 049, text cont.. • Trichiosoma sorbi (Cameron II, v). male. 2a, hind leg; 2b, head of male; 2c, antenna; 2d, maxilla; 2e, labrum. • Zaraea fasciata (White-belted Sawfly: B. Ent. 97). • Zaraea fasciata: B. Ent. 97, legend+text. • Zaraea fasciata: B. Ent. 97, text cont.. • Zaraea fasciata (Cameron II, v). female. male. antenna. • Larvae, cocoons, cases: Cimbex, Pseudoclavellaria, Trichiosoma, Zaraea (Cameron II, xii & xiii). 1. Trichiosoma tibiale; 1a, head; 1b, tarsus. 2. Trichiosoma latreillei; 2a, young larva. 3. Cimbex femoralis. Cocoons of (4) Pseudoclavellaria amerinae and (5) Cimbex luteus. 6. Cimbex luteus. 7. Zaraea fasciata; 7a-7c, trophi. • Larva: Trichiosoma lucorum (Cameron II, xi). 10. Trichiosoma lucorum. a &b, head; c & d, larva shortly before pupation.

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