Insects of Britain and Ireland: the families of Hemiptera

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L. Watson and M. J. Dallwitz


Temporarily including Calophyidae, Homotomidae, Liviidae, Psyllidae s. str., Spondyliaspididae, Triozidae.

Jumping Plant Lice, Psyllids, Suckers.

Salient features of adults. Terrestrial; the insects dwelling under specially constructed shelters, in the form of scales or lerps, or free living.

Phytophagous. Tiny; 2–3 mm long; represented by ‘normal’ insects only; fliers; conspicuous jumpers; relatively stout bodied. Rostrum ostensibly originating between the front legs; not separated from the prosternum by a gula. Antennae longer than the head, readily visible from above; usually 10 segmented; non-aristate. Ocelli present; 3; one behind each eye, and a third between the bases of facial cones, or in the corresponding position when facial cones are not apparent. Fore-wings well developed; in the resting insect lying more or less flat over the abdomen; more or less uniform in texture; with transparent cells to with opaque cells; without costal fracture and cuneus; with a clavus. Tarsi 2 segmented; two-clawed.

Always fully winged; fore-wings firmer and larger than hind-wings; all the longitudinal fore-wing veins arising from a single, median stem; femora thickened.

Taxonomy. Suborder Homoptera. Sternorrhyncha. Psylloidea.

British representation. About 80 species in Britain; genera 16. Aphalara, Aphalaroida, Arytaina, Craspedolepta, Ctenarytaina, Diraphia, Homotoma, Livia, Livilla, Rhinicola, Paurocephala, Psylla, Psillopsis, Spanioneura, Trichochermes, Trioza. E.g., Livia juncorum (Rush Jumping-louse); Psyllopsis fraxini (Ash Chermes, Ash Jumping-louse).

Illustrations. • Livilla ulicis Curtis: B. Ent. 625. • Livilla ulicis Curtis: B. Ent. 625, legend+text. • Livilla ulicis Curtis: B. Ent. 625, text cont.. • Livia juncorum (Rush Jumping-louse: B. Ent. 492). • Livia juncorum (detail: B. Ent. 492). • Livia juncorum (dissections: B. Ent. 492). • Livia juncorum (legend+text: B. Ent. 492). • Livia juncorum (text: B. Ent. 492, cont.). • Psyllopsis fraxini (Ash Jumping-louse: B. Ent. 565). • Psyllopsis fraxini (detail, dissections: B. Ent. 565). • Psyllopsis fraxini (legend+text: B. Ent. 565). • Psyllopsis fraxini (text: B. Ent. 565, cont.). • Aphalaria, Craspedolepta, Livia, Psylla, Psyllopsis, Rhinocola: Edwards. • Arytaina, Livilla, Psylla, Trichochermes, Trioza: Edwards. • Psylla (7 spp.) and Trioza (5 spp.): Edwards.

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