Insects of Britain and Ireland: the families of Hemiptera

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L. Watson and M. J. Dallwitz


Acanthiidae; excluding Anthocoridae.

Bed Bugs, Bloodsucking Bugs.

Salient features of adults. Terrestrial.

Blood-suckers. Tiny to small; 3–5 mm long; non-fliers; relatively stout bodied. Head non-linear. Rostrum clearly separated ventrally from the prosternum by a sclerotized gula. Antennae longer than the head, readily visible from above; 4 segmented; non-aristate. Ocelli absent. Fore-wings vestigial or absent (reduced to short, transverse scales). Tarsi 3 segmented. Pulvilli absent. The abdomen without ventral silvery pubescence.

Oval, very flattened, flightless ectoparasites feeding on the blood of mammals and birds; most body hairs serrate or apically bifid.

Taxonomy. Suborder Heteroptera; Cimicoidea.

British representation. 32 species in Britain; genera 14. Brachysteles, Cardiastethus, Cimex, Dufouriellus, Lyctocoris, Oeciacus, Orius, Xylocoridea, Xylocoris. E.g., Cimex lectularius (Bed-bug).

Comments. The native Bed Bug seems not to transmit diseases, loss of sleep from constant irritation being the main danger to health from their bites.

Illustrations. • Cimex lectularius (Bed-bug: B. Ent. 569). • Cimex lectularius (detail: B. Ent. 569). • Cimex lectularius (dissections: B. Ent. 569). • Cimex lectularius (legend+text: B. Ent. 569). • Cimex lectularius (text: B. Ent. 569, cont.). • Acompocoris, Anthocoris, Cardiastethus, Lyctocoris, Xylocoris (Southwood & Leston). • Orius majusculus and Orius minutus, with Anthocoridae: Saunders (1892).. • Cimex, Oeciacus hirundinis, Lyctocoris campestris and Xylocoris, with Saldidae and Dipsocoridae: Saunders (1892).. • Brachysteles parvicornis, Cardiastethus fasciiventris and Dufouriellus ater, with Microphysidae: Saunders, 1892..

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