Insects of Britain and Ireland: the genera of Lepidoptera-Geometridae

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L. Watson and M. J. Dallwitz

Archiearis Hübner


Adults. Diurnal (flying in the sunshine, often visiting sallow catkins). Antennae of males shortly bipectinate, or dentate; simply-ciliate. Face rough (roughly hairy).

Wingspan 31–37 mm. Forewings 1.7–2.2 times as long as wide. The outer margin of the forewing convexly curved to more or less straight. Forewings dark fuscous or ochreous-fuscuous; with a clear discal mark. The discal mark conspicuously pale-centred and dark-ringed. Hindwings conspicuously patterned (with black inner and marginal bands, and a fascia at the inner angle); ground colour orange, with black markings; predominantly orange; with a clear discal mark (this blackish).

Hindwings exhibiting a tubular vein 5. Hindwing veins 6 and 7 stalked, or separate.

Early stages. Larvae feeding on foliage of Betula, Salix and Populus tremula.

British representation. 2 species; South-east England, Central-southern England, South-west England, English Midlands, Northern England, Southern Scotland, Northern Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. Living adults found March and April. A. parthenias (Orange Underwing); A. notha (Light Orange Underwing).

Subfamily. Archiearinae.

Illustrations. • Archiearinae: Kirby 44 (part). ARCHIEARINAE. 11, Archiearis parthenias (Orange Underwing); 12, Archiearis notha (Light Orange Underwing). • Archiearinae: Archiearis notha (Light Orange-underwing: B. Ent. 121). • Archiearis notha: B. Ent. 121, legend+text. • Archiearis notha: B. Ent. 121, text cont..

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