Insects of Britain and Ireland: the families of Coleoptera

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L. Watson and M. J. Dallwitz

(Variant) Lampyridae (females)

General appearance. Beetles luminescent from distal abdominal sternites (female Lampyris and both sexes of Phosphaenus).

Detailed morphology. The head covered by the thorax. The apical segment of the maxillary palps cylindrical to fusiform. The apical segment of the labial palps not expanded apically.

Scutellum conspicuous to absent. The fore-leg coxae attached externally, in the absence of procoxal cavities. Hind-leg coxae contiguous or narrowly separated, or widely separated.

Elytra absent (females). Wings well developed, or absent or much reduced.

Illustrations. • Lampyris noctiluca (Glow Worm): B. Ent. 698. • Lampyris noctiluca: B. Ent. 698, legend+text. • Lampyris noctiluca: B. Ent. 698, text cont.. • Lampyris noctiluca and Phosphaenus hemipterus (with Cantharidae): Fowler 4, 111 (1890). • Fowler 4, 111 (1890): original legend. • Lampyris noctiluca, male and female (Janson 190, 191).

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