The Families of Mushrooms and Toadstools Represented in the British Isles


L. Watson and M. J. Dallwitz


Morphology. The fruit-bodies not developing asci, probasidia or basidia; tiny (? - represented by globose, spongy aggregations of flocci).

The hyphae without clamp connections.

Ecology. Saprophytic, or mycorrhizal (ectomycorrhizal). The fruit-bodies subterranean to not subterranean. Amongst moss.

British representation. Endogone.

World representation. 27 species; genera 4. Cosmopolitan, but especially temperate.

Classification. Zygomycota (Endogonales, Zygomycetes (most zygomycetes being mycelial forms not constituting “mushrooms” or “toadstools”)).

Illustrations. • Endogone pisiformis (Berkeley).

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