The wing pattern in Anastrepha species typically includes three bands, termed the C-band, S-band, and V-band, although parts or all of these bands may be variously connected or fused or absent. The C-band, or costal band, extends from the base of the wing along the anterior margin to the apex of vein R1. It usually extends posteriorly to vein R4+5 and basally usually to vein M. The S-band extends obliquely from the base of cell cu1 across r-m, reaching the anterior wing margin in cell r1, then following the anterior margin to the wing apex.The basal part in cell cu1 and the distal part on the margin of the radial cells are almost always present, but the middle section is sometimes interrupted or absent. The distal half is sometimes fused with the C-band to form a complete marginal band. The V-band includes two arms which are frequently connected anteriorly to form an inverted V. The proximal arm covers crossvein dm-cu. The distal arm extends obliquely across cell r4+5 and the distal part of cell m. It is reduced or absent more frequently than the proximal arm. In Toxotrypana and a few species of Anastrepha, the C-band and distal half of the S-band are fused to form a broad costal band, and other typical markings are lacking except for the cubital streak in the basal cubital cell and cell cu1.