The scuto-scutellar suture divides the scutum and scutellum, the largest sclerites of the mesonotum. In Tephritidae these sclerites form most of the thorax visible in dorsal view (the only other parts directly visible in dorsal view are the postpronotal lobes and notopleura, and occasionally the postnotum). The scutum is more or less rectangular and is larger than and anterior to the scutellum. It includes pre- and postsutural areas incompletely divided by the transverse suture. The scutellum is triangular or semicircular in dorsal view and is posterior to the scutum. This character refers to the presence or absence of a dark brown spot centered on the middle of the scuto-scutellar and extending onto the parts of the scutum and scutellum bordering the suture.